Maintaining Your Privacy in Glass Rooms

Published on 10th June 2015
Earlier this week we were looking at the best ways of lighting a conservatory and one of the issues that subject threw up was privacy. Just how do you maintain your privacy when you live inside a glass box? It’s a tricky one to balance. On the one side you have all of the advantages of living in a beautiful, naturally-lit environment, with all of the health benefits that can bring. On the other side, you can be left feeling exposed, especially at night when the lights are turned on. So what do you do? Well, as in every other part of life, compromise is king.

Although compromise can sometimes be viewed as a dirty word in design, in reality it usually leads to clever and creative thinking, which can produce vastly pleasing results. So, if you’re worried about maintaining privacy in your Apropos glazed extension, we have a few suggestions to get you started.

Blinds – For many people installing blinds and curtains in a conservatory is anathema because they think it spoils the aesthetic. However, a specialist conservatory blinds company should be able to help you find the perfect, unobtrusive window coverings for your preferred look.

Screens – Freestanding screens not only shield your conservatory from unwanted attention, they can also create an eye-catching and appealing visual display, with the added benefit of being mobile, so if they’re ever not needed they can be folded up and put away.

Voiles – Ideal for wide windows, voiles admit an attractive diffused light to protect against glare during the day and help deliver privacy in low-lit rooms. They have something of a delicate, classical feel.

Switch Glass – If you’re worried about privacy before you construct your conservatory Switch Glass offers you real flexibility. It can flip from clear to opaque at the touch of a button, allowing you to benefit from natural light during the day, but giving you the option of privacy when you want it.

Frosted or Ultra White Laminated Glass If you’re overlooked on one side of your conservatory, a cost effective option would be to incorporate opaque glass into the design. This is not a whole-room solution, but works well when used selectively.

Window Film – If you discover that your privacy is being intruded upon after your extension has been constructed, opaque window film is available and affordable in almost any size and either plain or patterned designs. It’s easy to apply and looks great when used in moderation.

Planting – Planting large trees, shrubs and bushes right next to your property is a bad idea for a number of reasons, but carefully selected plants can work as a screen. Trees at the bottom of the garden can obscure you from the houses opposite. If you’re worried about neighbours from the side, position a tall trellis and grow evergreen clematis over it – it will smell as good as it looks! Bamboo can also look fantastic, producing a stand of tall, stately canes that will obscure the overlooked area year round, while still letting light flood through.

Glass and privacy are not mutually exclusive; it’s just a case of finding the right solution for you – call our design team today on 0161 342 8217 to discuss your options. 
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