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Published on 1st June 2015
Not surprisingly, given our business, we often talk about design on these pages. But, while functionality and aesthetic pleasure are frequently our focus, it’s rare for us to talk about the technical design that goes on behind the scenes of every Apropos structure. Without the developments of our technical gurus, Apropos would be nothing; they’re the ones who make sure that our structures don’t just stay standing, but stay warm, comfortable, convenient and secure.

It’s time to give credit where it’s due, so here’s a little insight into the things that our technical crew have done for you.

Thermal Breaking – Thermal break technology is not something you’re likely to ever see, or even be aware of, but it’s what keeps your conservatory (or any other glazed building) comfortable. It is used in all sorts of construction, but is particularly useful when aluminium is employed. Being an excellent thermal conductor, aluminium needs a helping hand to regulate its temperature. Apropos use ‘rolled thermal breaking’ to do this, which involves joining two aluminium extrusions with strips of extruded polyamide, to serve as a road block and help prevent the spread of heat through the aluminium frames.

Specialist Glasses – As effective as thermal breaking is, it can’t secure a temperate environment alone, and that’s where our range of specialist glasses come into play. As standard, Apropos use Low-e (low emissivity) glazing in out structures. Low-e helps to reduce the heat transference that naturally occurs in traditional single-glazing, ensuring greater thermal efficiency, but it’s really just the start of what is now on offer. Solar Control glass can reduce heat transference by up to 65%, making it ideal for use in south-facing rooms. The Pilkington Activ range uses the natural elements to clean itself. Pyrocet glass is toughened to provide protection against fire, while if you’re looking for something really fancy, Switch glass can turn from clear to opaque at just the touch of a button, which takes away the trouble of choosing curtains!

CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Of course, while our glazing and frames are integral to any Apropos structure, they’re not much use without a functional, durable and physically secure design to work within, and that’s where CAD comes into play. Every Apropos design begins with a drawing which sets out to include all of your dream features; we then have to work out how to fit this in to your available space; and how to make sure that it’s structurally sound, while delivering the aesthetic and functionality that you had in mind. We do this using a CAD system, which produces photo realistic 3d renders, allowing us to examine your new glazed extension from every angle before the parts are extruded, in order to save you time and avoid disappointment.

Apropos’ ‘intelligent design’ doesn’t stop there; our tech team are constantly working on new developments. The tilt and turn vent, which automatically regulates the air flow into a structure is something that we’re particularly proud of. Our specially designed door and window handles have been created for optimum ease and comfort. And we’re always working to improve the efficiency of our extrusion process to give our customers the very best quality and value.

Intelligent design takes intelligent people, so we’d like to take this opportunity to give a round of applause to our hard-working tech team, without whom our designs would be nothing. 
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