How to use your Apropos Glass Veranda

Published on 25th June 2015
Verandas are slightly funny things. Although they’re very much a part of the American lifestyle, we’ve been a little slow to embrace them in the UK. We might have a porch, or we might have a conservatory, but slap bang between the two, verandas seem to puzzle us. It’s a shame, because the veranda is an immensely functional structure, which brings an element of flexibility to the home.

The archetypal indoor-outdoor room, an Apropos glazed veranda can be almost anything you want it to be, but for those of you who are stuck for ideas, these are our top five veranda uses.

5. Utility – A veranda can be the perfect spot for leaving wellies after a wet walk. It can provide a place for stackable storage; protected from the elements, but kept out of the house. Verandas also make an ideal home for a sheltered washing line – a pull-down, wall-mounted line keeps your home free from the clutter of clothes horses and yet saves you the bills of a tumble dryer in the winter months.

4. Outdoor Entertaining – This is perhaps the most obvious option, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in merit. There’s very little that us Brits like more than a good summer barbeque, but it sometimes seems that there is no telling what the weather might do. By setting up seating beneath the shelter of a bright, glazed veranda you’ll never have your barbeque rained off again.

3. Play Area – If you want to preserve your lawn from the perils of paddling pools and your roses from plucking fingers, then a veranda can make a fabulous children’s play area. A flagstone floor is ideal for cars, and dolls and teddy bear’s picnics. Sand pits can be positioned to keep the mess outside, and yet being so close to the house you’re always able to keep a careful eye on proceedings.

2. Growing Space – Whether sowing seeds, growing tomatoes, hardening off annuals, or protecting tender plants, verandas can provide the perfect growing space for the green fingered. While they provide some protection against the cold, because they’re well-ventilated verandas are unlikely to mould, and they don’t run the risk of overheating and cooking your favourite specimens.

1. Outdoor kitchen – Outdoor kitchens are on the up. While we used to be content with the occasional rickety barbeque, these days our tastes are becoming more sophisticated and the outdoor kitchen is well and truly in. A glazed veranda provides all the protection you need from the elements, allowing you to use your deluxe kitchen kit all year round, whether that’s a four-burner BBQ, a sink unit, or a wood-fired pizza oven.

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