How to Keep Your Conservatory Secure

Published on 6th June 2015
There is a widely held misconception that a conservatory (or other glazed extension) will never be as secure as the rest of a home. Perhaps that might once have been the case, but if you’re planning on constructing a conservatory today, there are numerous ways to make certain sure that it’s absolutely safe as houses.

How to Keep Your Conservatory Secure

Doors – The easiest way to enter a property is through the door, and the weakest area of any door is the locking system, so ensure that the locks on your conservatory doors are British Standards approved. With additional top and bottom dead bolts and high security hinges, all doors become much harder to force. The type of door you choose can also have a bearing on security. Bi-fold, or folding-sliding doors are among the most secure available. Created with a high quality multi-point locking system and a hidden, inline tracking system, Apropos bi-fold doors are nigh on impossible for an intruder to lift out of place.

Windows – As with the doors, high quality locks and hinges are key to preventing your windows from offering easy access to ne’er-do-wells.

Glazing – Most modern glazing is far more robust than earlier incarnations, but the type of glass you choose can also impact upon security. Pyrocet, for example, can help stop the spread of fire, while toughened glass can withstand considerable impact. You could also incorporate internal beading on all of your glazing, which can help prevent the glass being removed externally.

Frames – The choice of frame can also make a conservatory more secure. A wooden frame is easily splintered, particularly if poorly maintained, making it a simpler job for burglars to break open. uPVC frames can warp over time,  creating a weakness in the structure. Aluminium frames are practically impenetrable – they maintain their shape, strength and durability for decades.

Roof – A glazed roof is one of the defining features of the conservatory, but it can be a point of weakness. Installing toughened glass will make your conservatory roof incredibly difficult to break into.

Common Sense – Finally, these are the bits that only you can do: Always lock doors and windows before you leave the house. Keep your keys safe – not ‘hidden’ under plant pots! Avoid giving intruders any hiding places, by keeping nearby trees and bushes trimmed and well maintained. Install garden security lights.

These are just a few little things that you can do to keep your conservatory safe and sound for the foreseeable future.

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