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Published on 26th June 2015
Hands up everyone who grew up with the hope that by 2015 we’d all have robotic housekeepers?
Now, hands up everyone who watched Channel 4’s Humans last weekend, and now seriously hopes that that never comes to pass!

While the robot’s glassy eyes may be losing their sheen, there are still plenty of ways that advancing technology has shaped the homes of today, and will doubtless shape the homes of tomorrow. This week, we thought that we’d take a look at some of the technologies that are currently changing the way we live.

You’ll not be surprised to read that a couple of our favourite technological advances come in the form of glazing, and are already used by Apropos. Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass was designed not just to remove a chore, but to help prevent the accidents that occur when trying to clean awkwardly placed windows. We’re also constantly impressed by Switch Glass, which can change from clear to opaque at the touch of a button, removing the need for curtains, which is a real boon for allergy sufferers.

It’s not only the technologies that are directly relevant to Apropos that impress us though – we’re also fans of robotic vacuum cleaners!

They seemed like a gimmick to begin with, but through the use of infrared sensors, these clever devices can traverse your home unassisted, sucking up dirt and bemusing your pets, before returning to their dock to recharge. The current nemesis of the robot vacuum cleaner is the staircase, so we’re hoping that like the Daleks, they may be able to overcome this in time!

A little less independent, but equally useful, our next devices belong in the kitchen. Waste disposal sinks and boiling water taps have both been on the rise in recent years. The huge benefit of the sink is that it removes smelly rubbish from the home, meaning that the only bit you need to put out is the recycling. As for the taps, as well as being instantly convenient – how much time do you waste waiting for the kettle or saucepans to boil? – they’re also economical and environmentally friendly, costing as little as 3p per day.

If we’re talking of the environment, solar technology is the next place to look, with more and more gadgets being powered by the sun. We’re used to water heaters and outdoor lamps, but what about indoor solar lamps that charge through the window, solar phone chargers, battery chargers, fans, refrigerators, and moving outside of the home, scooters, cars, boats, and as the Swiss are currently demonstrating, planes.

While we’re on transport, we’ll finish up with something Jaguar Land Rover has just debuted – the remote control car! Trouble parking in a tight space? Can’t be sure of your blind spot? Just hop out, get a good visual, and park the car using your smart phone.

At Apropos we don’t believe in using technology simply for technology’s sake, but rather as means of saving time, energy, money, and the environment, or as a way of making things safer. Technology is currently moving at such a pace, freaky robots aside, we think that the future home looks very exciting.

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