Apropos Favourite Five: Bespoke Conservatories

Published on 8th June 2015
Finding inspiration for your perfect glazed extension can be tough. Sometimes seeing what other people have done can help you to work out what features do (and don’t) work for you. Last month we had a lot of interest in our favourite five veranda designs, so this month we thought that we’d take you on a tour of our top bespoke conservatories.

5. Small But Perfectly Formed – Big might often be beautiful, but this petite conservatory certainly doesn’t lack for style. Despite its position against a rustic stone wall, and the graceful Juliette balcony above, this little lean-to is unashamedly modern, and we love it because it shows exactly how well contrast can work in architecture. With straight lines and only a slight gradient to the roof, this design might be your archetypal ‘glass box’, but with modern glazing it keeps the temperature regulated, and the subtle paintwork helps it to blend beautifully with the existing structure.


4. Highfalutin – Think of a conservatory and most people will think of a single storey, whereas the owners of this beautiful property decided to reach for the sky, with a double-height extension. Finished in elegant cream to coordinate with the original house, this conservatory provides a bright and spacious  ground floor, which the owners have used to extend their sitting room, and an upper story which works as a partially covered balcony, bringing bright and airy additional space to the master bedroom. A clever, convenient and attractive design.


3. Space-Saving – The Piper’s conservatory is a real multi-tasker. Before this attractive structure was commissioned, this area was little more than a muddy path between the main house and the renovated outbuildings. Carefully curving, the new conservatory provides a covered walkway between both parts of the Piper’s home, but more than that, it also delivers a bright and attractive dining area, leading off the main kitchen, making it the perfect place to entertain, for business and pleasure.


2. Big and Bold – Contrasting clearly with our number 5 spot, the Northwick’s structure is a colossus among conservatories! This glazed room isn’t just an added afterthought; it’s a statement of intent. The owners wanted to make this place home, but to do that they needed much more space. This glazed extension provides a vibrant and airy kitchen-diner, with a vast sun room for the family to make their own. If you’re looking for an example of maximised potential, then this conservatory is it!


1. Big and Tall – Something of a hybrid, the Jenkin’s structure is a cross between conservatory and atrium, and we love it because it shows exactly where a little imagination can take you! Mirroring the shape of the original wings of the house, this conservatory slips neatly between the two sides, creating a functional room out of wasted space. The imposing frame allows light to flood into all areas of the home, with internal windows opening up into the vibrant aperture and giving the whole house a new lease of life. With Pilkington self-cleaning glass on the roof and Solar Control glazing throughout, this is one cool conservatory!

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