10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Apropos Conservatory this Summer

Published on 26th June 2015
Things are slowly warming up, but we’ve hardly had the sizzling start to summer that we’d all been led to expect, and the turbulent weather means that outdoor plans have been a little tricky. What better time to make the most of your Apropos conservatory?

Conservatories can be used for all manner of things, so if yours is gathering dust, it’s time to blow away the cobwebs and put it to work!

Ten Ways to Use Your Conservatory this Summer
  1. Sunny sitting room – With the doors cast wide, a soft breeze blowing, the sky streaked golden by the setting sun, and a beading glass of wine in hand, can there be a better place than an Apropos conservatory to while away a sultry summer evening?
  2. Office – Working from home brings many perks, but it takes serious will-power to knuckle down when the sun is shining. If you relocate to your conservatory you get the best of all worlds – you can enjoy the weather, see the garden, and still get your work done.
  3. Dining room – Take all of the features from point number one, then add in a dining table, a good meal and guests. With the garden as a backdrop and natural light flooding in, your conservatory makes the perfect place for a summer dinner party.
  4. Kitchen extension – If you’re still planning, or your current conservatory is conveniently placed, you’re in the ideal situation to make it more of an integrated part of the home. Your conservatory could double – triple? – the size of your kitchen, creating an attractive area to cook, dine, socialise, and simply be.
  5. Gardener’s delight – For gardeners there can be only one real use for a conservatory: growing more plants! Plants bring masses of benefits to a home; they improve the air quality; aid concentration; make us happier; reduce environmental carcinogens; and provide a point of interest.
  6. Sun room – There are few of us who wouldn’t benefit from more vitamin D, or the mood lift that natural light brings. If the weather is too fresh for you to sprawl outside, your conservatory is a great place to lie back with a book and soak up some rays.
  7. Gym – Not a fan of sweating in public, or paying humungous gym fees? Pick up a cheap exercise bike, rowing machine or yoga mat and your conservatory could provide a secluded spot to get fit.
  8. Hobby room – Whether sewing, painting, model trains or computer games are your family’s favourite pastimes, you’re probably sick of finding the accessories strewn about the house. A conservatory hobby room keeps things tidy and yet leaves the necessary space for entertainment and expression.
  9. Breakfast room – Breakfast is too often a hurried affair. If you have a pleasant breakfast room, it’s easier to gather the family for a civilised start to the day.
  10. Play room – The school holidays can be fun, but what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Kids need a space to play. An Apropos conservatory can keep them contained, quiet and entertained.
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