Make Your Home Work For You!

Published on 18th May 2015
The cost of living is, apparently, on its way down, but for most of us it doesn’t really feel like it. Gas and electricity bills more or less remain the same; water rates are all unchanging. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to not just cut your household outgoings, but to actually use your home to make a profit? The icing on the economic cake would be if you could do it greenly.

The environment is important to us, here at Apropos. It’s one of the reasons that we continue to construct our glass architecture with aluminium frames; not only is aluminium flexible, durable and strong, but it can be infinitely recycled. Sadly, a new conservatory won’t actually make you much money though (unless you sell your house, in which case it can add 10% to the value of your property… or unless you use it to work from home – think what you could save on your commute!), but there are other green ways to cut the costs, help the environment, and even make a pretty penny or two.

4 Ways to make Your Home Work for You
  1. Solar panels – There’s much debate on solar panels, partly because they’re quite expensive to install, partly because Britain isn’t known for its sunny climate, but mainly because a lot of people dislike the aesthetic. In reality, installing solar panels on your property could give you a return of up to £650 per annum, as well as a tax break or two, which is pleasing for the pocket and beneficial for the planet, helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Rain water harvesting – Rain water can be used for pretty much anything other than drinking: watering the garden; filling the toilet; operating the washing machine and other appliances. Harvesting your own reduced water bills and benefits the environment by lessening demand on ground water supplies.
  3. Wind turbines – Possibly the most controversial option, windfarms are far from popular, but if you live in a secluded spot a turbine or two could earn you some money by feeding your excess power back into the National Grid. With ‘Green Deal’ government financing you may also be eligible for tax breaks and even funding to help with construction.
  4. Live smart – There are endless ways for the savvy homeowner to cut their energy outgoings, with no expense and little effort: have thicker curtains; use energy-efficient light bulbs; install efficient glazing (from Apropos); put lids on your pans when you cook; only fill the kettle with the water you need; don’t use a tumble dryer; use an air pillow in your chimney; turn appliances off at the socket when not in use; insulate; sell old gadgets to recycling sites; and grow your own fruit & veg.
Whether saving money or saving the environment is your incentive, there are plenty of ways to make your home run more efficiently; you just need to work out the ways that work for you. 
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