How to Regulate the Temperature of Your Kitchen Extension

Published on 25th May 2015
There are probably quite a few of us who have experienced the horrors of living or working under old fashioned glass. We’re the ones who had to ‘play’ blue-lipped in great aunt Ethel’s icebox of a conservatory while the grown-ups ate mince pies by the fire. We’re the ones who worked in retail in the peak of summer, where the two glazed walls slowly cooked us from the inside out. Although we love the look of glass architecture, those earlier experiences have coloured our views and made us mistrustful of buildings made of glass.

It’s not surprising really, as glazed extensions used to be rubbish! Freezer or inferno for 53 weeks of the year, leaving three weeks of temperate loveliness. Fortunately, modern glazing and construction techniques mean that contemporary kitchen extensions are far more practical affairs, able to withstand temperature fluctuations both indoors and out. How? Let’s start with the outdoors.

While traditional glass is extremely inefficient thermally, letting the cold and the heat flow through virtually unimpeded, modern coatings, such as Solar Control, can reduce the heat gain of glass by up to 65%, preventing an influx of heat in summer and an exodus of heat in winter.

The improvement of glazing is joined and enhanced by the improvement in structural integrity. Apropos glazed extensions are made with aluminium frames, which makes them robust, durable, and low maintenance. Aluminium is, however, an excellent heat conductor, which would be troublesome, had we not we developed ‘rolled thermal break’ technology, which effectively seals the structure and moderates heat transference.

As for internal heat, Apropos offer vent actuation on all of our structures. This means that your Apropos kitchen extension will automatically ventilate itself. Air will begin to circulate without you having to lift a finger, yet your home is protected in the event of a sudden storm.

As well as these clever bits, we can also offer you large bi-fold doors, which can open up one side of the room to let the outdoors in. We can provide skylights for more subtle aeration, and we can – and do – use the very best materials, and the most skilled construction workers to ensure that your new glass box is as secure, robust and energy efficient as it’s possible for a glass box to be!

Technology has changed a lot in architecture, but nowhere more than in glazing. Bad experiences always linger, but don’t let them dictate your future, or put you off an extension which could transform your home, and the way that you use it, very very much for the better.

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