How to Clean your Conservatory Roof.

Published on 20th May 2015
Hands up who has a conservatory. Now, hands up anyone who’s ever cleaned their conservatory roof… Ok, now hands up anyone who’s really cleaned their conservatory roof? Yes, just as we suspected!

How to clean your conservatory roof:
  • Tool up – If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it well, so invest in the right tools for the job; a sturdy ladder is a must. You can buy dedicated conservatory ladders that slide over the glass and rest on the conservatory frame. You must never, ever stand or rest on a glazed roof, so these ladders provide a useful intermediary. A soft-bristled telescopic brush and a pressure washer will also help.
  • Clear the gutters – Plant material and debris can block gutters and weigh them down, risking future damage and inconvenient overflow.
  • Sweep the roof – A dedicated conservatory brush will prevent any scratches (check with your glazing manufacturer first, should your glass have any special coatings).
  • Check for damage – Peeling seals, chipped glass, or in the case of uPVC and wooden frames, structural warping, should be checked for before you get out the hose to avoid any unfortunate mess. If any damage is apparent call your manufacturer – Apropos conservatories have a 10 year warranty.
  • Souse the roof – A pressure washer should remove the worst of any algae, but if you treat the glass with a phosphorous-free solution after cleaning, it should help to prevent any future build-up of moss, algae or other plant matter.
  • Call for help – If in doubt, call your local window cleaner and smile very sweetly!

Conservatory roofs don’t need to be cleaned that often; once a year should suffice unless you happen to live under a sap-heavy tree. It might seem like ‘a bit of a do’, but it pays dividends in the long term, enhancing the enjoyment a conservatory can bring, and keeping your structure safe and sound.

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