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Published on 1st May 2015
The way that we use our homes changes through the different stages of our lives. It’s not just the space requirements and how much time we spend within our homes, but how we actually use the rooms available to us; the type of cooking we do; the forms of entertaining; whether we work from home; how we use the garden. The problem with buying a property is that you can really only think about what you need from your home now, at the point of purchase, which often means that you’ll find yourself going through the whole process again in five years’ time. If you like your home and like the area, futureproofing might be a better solution.

Futureproofing a home can take many forms; increasing the space with an extension; improving the energy efficiency of the building; making the space ‘smarter’ through technological advancements; making your home eco-friendly; or making the space age-friendly, either for children yet to come, or a potentially less-mobile you in the years ahead. Futureproofing will also add value to a property, should you decide in the end that moving is a better bet after all.

While fibre-optic broadband and mobile-controlled heating systems are beyond our remit, Apropos might be able to help you with some of the other aspects of futureproofing. An Apropos glazed extension, whether orangery, conservatory, atrium or lean-to, can significantly increase the useable footprint of your home, giving you more room to spread out and use however you see fit. But that much is probably fairly obvious, so here are some other ways that an Apropos extension could help you to futureproof:

  • Our folding-sliding doors can be fashioned to any size, and because they require no ground tracks to guide them, they create a perfectly level passage between indoors and out, making both the home and the garden more accessible for those – young and old – who might struggle a bit with mobility.
  • Apropos aluminium frames are formed using thermal break technology, which means that they are far more efficient at preventing heat from leaving or entering your property – as good for your pocket as it is for the environment.
  • We offer a range of ten types of high specification glazing, which means that we can furnish you with the most appropriate glass for the most appropriate position, protecting your home from the elements, from fire, from burglars, from damage, and even from the window cleaner’s bills!
  • Apropos also has an arsenal of smart technology, with windows that clean themselves with rain water or switch from clear to opaque at the touch of a button, and vent actuation technology, which helps to regulate the temperature of a room without worries of changing weather, or you having to get up and open/close the window.
Futureproofing comes in many forms, but if you’re looking for a bespoke service to help improve your home and make it better for the future, it’s well worth giving the Apropos design team a call to see how we can help: 0800 328 0033.
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