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Published on 8th May 2015
There’s much confusion about fusion design, particularly when it comes to architecture. While we can understand the reluctance – building things isn’t cheap, and it can be difficult to rectify problems once they’ve arisen – at Apropos we’re very much in favour of fusion design, just as long as it’s handled with integrity.

Although it might sound complicated, fusion design is simply the bringing together of contrasting styles; rough with smooth; sharp lines with soft curves; Italianate with oriental; old with new. It’s the latter that we deal with most commonly at Apropos, adding what might be incongruously modern glazed extensions to period properties. The trick to avoiding the incongruous is to work with sensitivity and respect.

All Apropos glazed extensions – conservatories, orangeries, lean-tos, atria, verandas, even skylights and replacement windows and doors – are designed on a bespoke basis. This means that we have the advantage of being able to accommodate the needs of the house within the design, and unless the customer particularly requests otherwise – wanting a sharp and shining contrast – we will always endeavour to work with sympathy for an existing structure.

We can do this in a number of ways. Mirroring the original design can help; adopting and continuing the lines of the home that the extension is designed to connect to can bring a feeling of cohesion between the old and the new. High windows and low gables are always accommodated, rather than having the conservatory forced upon them. Complementary colour schemes are also of huge benefit – we currently offer eight shades of polyester powder coating for our aluminium frames, from sparkling white to deep black, with soft green, greys and browns in the middle (keep it to yourself, but new shades are soon to come!) – selecting a tone that will harmonize with the house can help blend an extension, so it looks like it’s always been there. Alternatively, there’s the option of doing away with pretence and celebrating the old and the new for what they are: separate structures from separate times, working together to give you the lifestyle you need.

It’s funny that ‘fusion’ design in architecture should be a cause for caution, as it’s such an organic process within the home. In interior design we constantly change as partners and kids and gifts come along, or finances dictate the sensible purchase over the aesthetic ideal. In architecture it feels like a bigger commitment, but it’s one that you’re in control of, and the results can be oh-so stunning.

So whether you’re in a listed property, period home, renovation or new build get in touch today to discuss your plans.
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