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Published on 27th May 2015
‘Always look how people open doors, it tells you a lot about their character…’ – Aleister Crowley

Now, there aren’t honestly very many lessons that we’d take from eccentric occultists, here at Apropos, but we thought that the above quote from Aleister Crowley was a particularly astute observation. Doors, and the way we use them, can actually be a surprisingly good indication of many things; mood and character, not the least among them. If you ostentatiously barge through both wings of a double door you’re usually seeking attention; if you slide into a room through the smallest aperture, discretion is more your style; and nothing says ‘I’m having a teenaged strop’ quite as well as a heartily slammed door!

If the way that we use doors can be so revealing, what do the doors we select for our homes say about us?

It goes without saying that at Apropos we favour glazed doors; we love the influx of natural light and the connection to the natural world that they bring, but there is more than one type of glass door, and they all do and say something different.

Patio doors – Sometimes known as ‘French doors’, patio doors could be viewed as the original glass door. Usually hinged to open outwards – although they can be hung to open inwards if requested at the design stage, to accommodate an unusually shaped garden – they have something of a classical design and are best suited to period properties, and traditional people. Patio doors speak of elegance, refinement, and a job well-done.

Sliding doors – Sliding doors found their fame largely in the 80s, and have continued to enjoy popularity ever since. Hingeless, they have no need for additional space to open; they simply run on tracks, with one pane sliding over the other, making them particularly useful for homes with limited space, either indoors or out. Sliding doors are unable to make full use of an aperture because of their design – one side will always remain shut – but they do maximise the available light, and are easy to use; as such, they speak of bright simplicity.

Bi-fold doors – These are the relatively new kids on the entrance block and everyone wants to be their friend! Also known as folding-sliding doors, bi-fold doors require no ground frame, little space, and can be used to open up a huge aperture in the side of a house, if needed. Available with wide and narrow panes of glass, bi-fold doors work just as well as internal room dividers as external entryways, and like any social chameleon, they have the ability to look right at home wherever they are placed.  Cool, sophisticated and flexible, the bi-fold door is effortlessly chic.

What would you like your doors to say about you? If you have a project in mind, the Apropos design team are here to open the door to original architecture in glass: 0800 328 0033. 
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