Apropos Favourite Five: Glass Verandas

Published on 16th May 2015
Every so often at Apropos we like to look back and celebrate the bright ideas of our customers and designers who, working together, come up with some of the most extraordinary glass architecture. But, while it’s simple to sing the praises of a soaring atrium or handsome orangery, there’s one of our structures that we often overlook; the humble Veranda. Providing an intermediary place between the indoors and out, verandas can be the most flexible structures, and as our favourite five reveal, then can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
5: Sweet and Simple

We’ve chosen this structure for our number 5 spot because it provides the perfect example of what most people think of when considering a veranda. This open-sided glazed canopy may be simple, but it manages to provide external shelter, while enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal with fine, colour-matched aluminium frame and glazing.

4: Location, Location

Location is everything with this design; while the varying lengths of glazing provide visual appeal, giving the property a harmonious front, it’s the boost to functionality that this veranda brings that really makes it special. By positioning the deeper canopy in the recess between the two wings of the house, over a set of bi-fold doors, the owner is able to use the space to its best advantage for outdoor dining, making this a real garden room.

3: Wrap Around

An English take on an American ideal, this veranda wraps its house in a glass hug! Initially extending out from the conservatory, coated in a stately grey, the aluminium frame work brings unobtrusive cover to the garden, providing an additional seating area and an aesthetic treat.

2: The Long & Short of It

We must admit that this is a slightly strange veranda to look at, and it’s not the easiest one to understand, with two open sides, a short canopy and a set of doors apparently opening to nowhere. However, that is precisely why we love it. This structure is bespoke in the true meaning of the word: nobody else has one quite like it; it was created specifically to suit the homeowner’s requirements; the customer is thrilled with it, and once the rest of the landscaping takes place it’s going to look absolutely stunning, providing a sunny sheltered spot, protected from the wind, with foliage all around. We only wish that we could show you the plans!

1: Sleekly Does It

And so we’ve reached number one! However you look at it, this veranda looks good! Flowing seamlessly from an Apropos conservatory, there is a feeling of effortlessness to this design. The split-level roof draws the eye, while the super-fine lines of the canopy supports are so unobtrusive that they’re barely there! This combination of conservatory and veranda transform a very nice, but fairly average home, into an absolute crowd-pleaser. Lovely stuff! 

If you’ve been tempted to extend your outdoor space with a veranda, call the Apropos design team for a consultation to see how we can help: 0800 328 0033.


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