You’ll Always Find us in the Kitchen at Parties.

Published on 2nd April 2015
It’s funny to think that there was a time – and not that many years ago – when the kitchen was a place of little appeal.

If you were anyone who was anyone you wouldn’t have dreamed of setting foot in the realm of the workers; food was served to you in your dining room, and you gave little thought to its provenance, especially if you were of the gentlemanly persuasion. Visitors were kept very much away from the preparation of food, and the only parties held in kitchens were the servant’s Christmas dinners. Even if you were of the ‘lower orders’, you’d have to be very much on the down and out if you couldn’t afford a kitchen girl or two to ‘do for you’.

We don’t know about you, but at Apropos, we’re very glad that that particular tradition has changed!

Why? Well, apart from the fact that the kitchen is where the best food will always be – and we do like a bit of party food – these days the kitchen is often the nicest, busiest and most attractive part of the house.

Whether filled with artisanal hand-carved oak cabinets, gleaming modern stainless steel, or a flavour of the shabbiest chic, our favourite kitchens are open plan – but we don’t necessarily mean internally. Even a modest kitchen can be made to feel expansive if you can find a way to bring the outdoors in, and you don’t need a huge amount of space to make a huge amount of impact.

If you have a small garden that you’d like to keep green, glazed folding-sliding doors opening directly from the kitchen will bring masses of light into the house, create an illusion of space, and allow you to open up the room in warmer weather so that parties can spill outside. Combined with a glazed veranda it could be the perfect solution.

For properties with a slightly larger garden, a bespoke lean-to conservatory could work wonderfully as a kitchen extension, delivering that extra light and garden access, as well additional storage or cooking space.

If you have more room to play with, an Apropos bespoke conservatory makes a magnificent kitchen-diner. Bright, airy, spacious, with direct garden access; we don’t like to brag, but we don’t think that there could be a better place for a party!

We’re quite good at chatting up, although we sometimes get rebuffed, and if we invite you round for a drink we’ll first do the washing up – yeah, you will always find us in the kitchen at parties…**

So why not invite Apropos round to start the party in your kitchen? Call us on 0800 348 0033 or request your free, no obligation, design consultation here. 

** Apologies to Jona Lewie for the awful misappropriation of his 1978 classic! 

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