Would An Orangery Suit Your Style?

Published on 29th April 2015
Shall we move on?
Oh, you were after a bit more of an explanation? Oh, ok…

Orangeries first came to prominence in the late seventeenth century; made largely from glass, the structures were originally conceived so that posh people could eat fruit and brag about it to their friends. Because back in the days before supermarkets and reliable international shipping, you could actually hire a pineapple for a dinner party! You wouldn’t be able to eat it – it would have set back even the best of families a month’s earnings or more – but if you left it casually on a side table, your guests were free to inflate your status, and you could bask in the pineapple’s reflected glory… Rather like renting an Aston Martin, or something sparkly from Tiffany’s today.

Back then, orangeries were fabulously ornate; designed to be seen and have the expense wondered at. While that was very well for the time and the place, today the orangery is considerably more practical; although you could still grow citrus trees in one if you wished; you’re far more likely to use it to cultivate your lifestyle.

Often referred to as a ‘home hub’, Apropos orangeries bring contemporary style and a functional living space to a property. Being bespoke, like all Apropos structures, the orangery design is entirely down to your personal choice, so we can offer slick, minimalist lines, sharp angles and cool shades, or curvy corners, domed roofs and delicate details. We can form the perfect space to suit your needs and the room you have available, uniting private cosy corners with expansive, airy open-plan. Orangeries make tremendous kitchen-diners, stunning sitting rooms, or can simply be that much-needed addition that lets the kids spread out and keeps tempers calm… Most of the time!

Being made from glass and aluminium, there is something of a modern feel to Apropos orangeries, but sensitive design, appropriate placement, and a thoughtful colour scheme can ensure that an orangery will look good in practically any situation, even where contrast might not instantly appeal. As orangeries were originally the preserve of the stately home brigade, there is absolutely no reason why they can’t work on period properties, and with more contemporary homes, the merging can be so seamless that you’ll struggle to remember what your house looked like before.

Orangeries are good for all manner of things; increasing a home’s functional footprint; adding value; making the very best use of available space; but at Apropos, our very favourite thing about orangeries is the way they bring in natural light, changing the whole way the building feels, and consequently, the way the building is used.

So let’s return to the original question – would an Orangery suit your style? Yes. Yes, it would. Now, if you’d like to make a cup of tea, one of our design team would be delighted to talk you through the finer details… 0800 328 0033
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