Room to Grow – National Gardening Week.

Published on 17th April 2015
‘Start something beautiful’ is the slogan for National Gardening Week, and we can’t think of a better way to describe the experience of gardening. Whether nurturing a plant from seed to plate, or fostering prize-winning blooms, watching your garden grow can be a joyous and beautiful pastime, which brings benefits to more than just you.

At Apropos we’re big fans of all things green; we love our lawns; we adore fresh fruit and veggies; and little makes us happier than a garden in full flower. To celebrate National Gardening Week we thought we’d do our bit to share the love, so here are our favourite gardening facts and tips to hopefully inspire you to dig in and get growing this April.

Five Fun Green Fingered Facts
  • The world’s largest ever cucumber was grown in Essex, UK, in 1986, and measured an impressive 1.1m (3 feet 8 inches). That’s about the height of your average eight year old child! We therefore lay down the challenge to get you growing – let us know how many cucumber sandwiches your garden can produce this year!
  • Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; it can grow 35 inches in a single day, making it one of the most prolific and useful renewable resources. Bamboo can be used to make a huge number of things, from attractive flooring to washing up gloves. The plants make a wonderful garden screen that susurrates in the breeze, but to keep it under control, it’s best grown in pots.
  • The dark green wine bottle was an English invention and there are currently around 500 vineyards in the UK, although the first wine grapes were grown around 8,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. You can easily grow wine – or dessert – grapes in your back garden; you just need a sunny spot with structural support and sandy, loamy soil.
  • There was a time when tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold. In the 1600’s ‘tulipmania’ was blamed for crashing the Dutch economy – and here we all were, complaining about the bankers! It’s too late to plant tulips for flowers this year, but it’s a great time to find cheap bulbs to stock up and plant in autumn for a fabulous display next spring.
  • The orchid has become one of Britain’s favourite house plants; there’s nary a posh hotel or TV celebrity interview that doesn’t feature an orchid in the background, but did you know that orchids are responsible for one of our favourite foods? Vanilla is produced from the seeds of the planifolia orchid. You won’t find it in many drawing rooms, but this large plant with voluptuous trombone-like yellow flowers has been tempting our taste buds since the 16th century.

While glass architecture brings many benefits to a house; additional space; light; a healthier home environment, you can get so much more from it if all those large glass apertures open out to a view worth viewing.

Gardens needn’t be vast to be splendid, they just need to be well considered, and at Apropos we believe that no matter how little space you have in a home, there’s always room to grow. Get in touch to find out how. 
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