Beyond the Balcony.

Published on 11th April 2015
City living comes with all sorts of benefits and attractions, but outdoor space generally isn’t one of them. Gardens tend to be small and treasured, meaning that your options are limited if you want to extend your property. All is not lost however; awkward problems call for inventive solutions, so if you’re craving extra space to breathe and grow, you might want to consider an Apropos balcony.

Fashioned entirely from aluminium and glass, an Apropos balcony can provide you with additional functional and versatile floor space in the upper storey of your home without encroaching on your garden, or even blocking the light in the space below. And with a little imagination, a balcony can serve as a small additional room.

In the UK balconies are often a wasted space, largely because people don’t know what to do with them. Part of the problem is the great British climate; the predictably changeable weather can make outdoor rooms impractical, but it needn’t be a complete deterrent. If you’re worried about the weather, it’s possible to build a glazed canopy over your balcony to provide a measure of protection. Rather like a veranda, the canopy would keep off the worst of the rain, and with some side glazing could be rather cosy, providing you with a place to sit outdoors on all but the coldest of days. It also makes for a fabulous spot to hang washing in winter!

Without a canopy a balcony still can offer a wealth of opportunities. In the summer months it makes a beautiful breakfast area, or even a place to barbeque. You can set up a sunbed for a spot of secluded lounging; use the space for yoga, pilates, or putting your exercise bike through its paces; or you could simply fold back your bi-fold doors to let the fresh air flood the adjoining rooms. Then, of course, there’s the opportunity for growing.

Balcony gardens have always been popular – just look to ancient Babylon for the evidence! – and they’re easier to maintain than you might think. From tall tree ferns and ornamental oranges to potted perennials, seasonal salad crops and bags of tasty spuds; you can have something green growing on your balcony in every season. One of our team even had a sunflower grow on theirs – his name was Stanley, he reached 6’2” and eight years on, the seeds of his offspring are populating the garden now!

Balconies are brilliant things. They won’t replace a conservatory, orangery or the like, but if you’re short of space and crave the great outdoors, a balcony could be a seriously worthwhile investment.

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