The Outdoor Kitchen

Published on 13th March 2015
A few years ago the idea of having an outdoor kitchen in the UK would have seemed preposterous. ‘What about the weather???’ we’d all cry, before snorting derisively and walking away, but then some Australians exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and perceptions began to change. The British weather has in no way improved, but the thing is that – believe it or not – it does actually rain in Australia! In Melbourne it can be as grey and miserable as the Midlands (although, admittedly, not on such a regular basis!) and yet outdoor kitchens are commonplace.

There are two main ways to achieve that antipodean ambience, and at Apropos we can help you with both.

The Outdoor Kitchen

The place to begin when considering an outdoor kitchen is structural practicalities.

With the weather at its unpredictable best here in Blighty, some sort of canopy is an outdoor kitchen essential. An Apropos veranda – either closed or open sided – could provide exactly the space you need. Backing on to the house, the structure has access to mains power and water supplies, helping you to cut costs in construction. The glass roof allows full light penetration and yet provides protection from the elements – in theory you could use the space all year round, although an open-sided job may get a little parky in winter!

Being bespoke, Apropos verandas are designed specifically to suit each customer’s requirements, so if we know that you’re planning to create a kitchen we can design the space so it best incorporates your dream grill, a chimnea or heater, space for seating and entertaining, keeping safety in mind at every step of the way.

The Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

If you haven’t the room for a separate outdoor kitchen set-up there’s no reason to abandon the idea – folding-sliding doors could be the solution you’re looking for. Suitable for apertures of any size, folding-sliding doors could fully open your kitchen to the outside, keeping you snug in winter and letting the air flow through when you want it to.

On many homes this can be achieved with a single run of doors; as Aprofold doors require no ground frame and can slide right back to open fully, there is nothing to stop your existing kitchen from spilling out into the garden. Our design team could help you achieve this for as little as £.

If you’re looking to extend your kitchen, or if your kitchen is in fact already based in an old extension, it might be possible to push the theory forward, opening up two or even three full walls. With doors piled in each corner and the house structurally supported by Apropos’ strong aluminium frames, your kitchen could become a canopy full of all the mod-cons, and yet you’d still have the garden space you started with – with the veggie patch within easy reach all year round.

Having an outdoor kitchen is something of a dream for many people, but with Apropos it needn’t be pie-in-the-sky, so much as a barbie in the backyard, with all of the additional trimmings! Call us today to discuss your new dining plans: 0800 328 0033.


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