Spring Flowering House Plants for Your Conservatory.

Published on 27th March 2015
Spring is a joyous time for gardeners, as we watch the frozen earth return to life. Shoots from bulbs peek through the soil and blossom buds begin to form on trees, the potential in the air is almost palpable. It can also be a frustrating time though, for those of us who want our flowers and want them NOW! If you have an Apropos conservatory there are a number of plants you can grow now to get an early floral fix.

  • African Violet – With soft, velvety leaves and pleasing flowers of purple or white, the African violet makes the ideal conservatory plant. In medium to bright light, it will bloom almost continuously throughout the year, asking only moist soil and an even temperature (18-24°C) in return.
  • Calamondin Orange – This petite orange tree brings double delights – a sweetly fragrant blossom through spring, followed by attractive fruits that can decorate the tree for weeks, before being turned into marmalade! Best kept in bright conditions between 15-25°C, the Calamondin Orange will love your conservatory as much as you do!
  • Hibiscus – Hibiscus come in all sizes, reaching up to 6 feet in height, and they love conservatory conditions. At their best in bright to intense light, they can survive in cooler conservatories (12-21°C) bringing large, showy, tropical flowers from late-spring through to Autumn.
  • Hyacinths –There’s very little that can beat the hyacinth in terms of perfume bang for your buck. These affordable bulbs are easy to grow and bring a heady scent of spring into the home with their brilliant white, hot pink and dusky blue flowers.
  • Narcissi – The perfect centrepiece for the Easter table, narcissi will grow contentedly and bloom with nothing more than water and stones to ground them. The happy little flowers release a delicate scent and can be stored away for next year once the flowering season is over.
  • Oxalis – This slightly unusual looking plant has foliage rather like a drooping deep purple four-leaf clover, and starts to bloom delicate white flowers around St. Patrick’s Day. The medium to bright light of a conservatory is ideal.
  • Streptocarpus – A cousin of the African violet, Streptocarpus produces long, trumpet-like flowers for most of the year, and is available in a variety of colours. They can reach about 12 inches in height and are happiest at 15-25°C.

Plants are good for us, improving air quality and increasing concentration, so however you use your conservatory, welcome spring a little early by finding a space for a plant.

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