Small Space, Big Ideas: How to make the most of smaller rooms

Published on 11th March 2015
Smaller rooms in smaller homes are one of the challenges of modern living. There’s only a finite amount of space in the UK, so with a growing population, we need to maximise the potential of every square inch. It’s easy to take a bright and breezy approach to the problem, but white walls and painted ceilings can only go so far to relieve the claustrophobia and limited storage that small rooms bring.

At Apropos, we try to bring a practical approach to all architectural and lifestyle problems, so rather than relying on artifice to improve a diminutive room, we would look at ways that a little bit of clever construction could help. These are our favourite means to improve the look, feel and functionality of small spaces.

5 Big Ideas for Small Spaces
  • Folding-Sliding Doors – Possibly the most popular glazed addition available for homes at the moment, folding-sliding doors offer a fabulous way to bring additional light into any room, and because they have no base frame and can be fully opened up to the extent of the aperture, they’re the perfect option for indoor-outdoor living. Apropos folding-sliding doors offer the slimmest sightlines available, meaning that with Aprofold doors you will get the best possible views and the most possible light.
  • Conservatory – Conservatories are one of the more traditional ways to extend small rooms, but now that the technology behind glazed extensions has improved, conservatories can be used for almost anything; kitchen-diner; sitting room; office; greenhouse; making them one of the most flexible additions you add to a property. Because Apropos conservatories are bespoke, we can make one to suit almost any situation; small garden; awkward pluming; low windows; narrow spaces.
  • Veranda – If you don’t have the inclination for a full conservatory, a veranda could offer a viable alternative. Available with either open or closed sides, verandas provide additional protected storage space, as well as a sheltered outdoor dining area, a pleasant place to relax, and a small greenhouse alternative.
  • Balcony – Increasing physical floor space on the upper storey of a home without building a double-height extension is notoriously difficult. An Apropos glazed balcony could offer a small solution. While not ideal for increasing storage (unless built with a canopy) a bedroom balcony can provide a beautiful place for spring and summer relaxation, or a green retreat for gardeners. With a patio, or folding-sliding door (potentially made from Switch Glass for privacy), balconies also provide an attractive and safe way to fill upper storey rooms with natural light and fresh air.
  • Skylight – Storage is often the biggest problem with smaller rooms, so taking up wall space with doors and windows may not suit, which is where a skylight could come into play. Natural light doesn’t just help to make a room brighter and pleasanter, but can increase the sense of space. Apropos bespoke skylights can be fitted in any roofspace – even some listed buildings with guidance (we can help with that!) – completely transforming the feel by admitting natural light and fresh air.
If you’ve got a small room you’d like to discuss with Apropos; give us a call on 0161 342 8206, or get in touch here. 
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