Is a Lean to Conservatory right for you?

Published on 25th March 2015
If you’re a regular visitor to the Apropos news pages, you’ll probably have noticed that there are a number of terms we bandy around quite often when discussing glass architecture. What we don’t often discuss is what those terms mean, and whether or not they’re likely to work for you, so today we thought that we’d take a look at one of our most popular items – the Lean-to Conservatory.

The traditional lean-to conservatory is square, or rectangular in shape, with a flat, angled roof to allow rainwater to flow into the guttering. Relatively simple in design, the lean-to conservatory can be the most cost effective and versatile way to extend a home. Taking support from one of the existing walls of your home, the lean-to makes the best use of the available space and resources, while providing a fully functional extra room for you and your family to enjoy.

So, is an Apropos lean-to conservatory right for you?

In most instances, the answer to that question will be ‘yes’. Because the lean-to conservatory is such a flexible structure it can work in almost any situation, and because all Apropos glazed extensions are bespoke, we can accommodate any unusual features within your home, working the design around your window height, your garden space and your intended use for the room. For single storey properties with low eaves there is also the option of the ‘reverse lean-to’ conservatory, which brings a sense of height to a home, as well as light and space.

There is flexibility in more than just the construction of a lean-to conservatory, which adds to its great appeal – lean-tos can be put to almost any use; dining room, or kitchen-diner; play room; office; sitting room; snug; or even a form of greenhouse.

While versatility is at the heart of the lean-to conservatory, there are instances where other glazed extensions, such as orangeries or contemporary conservatories would better serve. This might be because of the existing wiring or plumbing of your home; the direction your home/garden faces, making the structure vulnerable to glare; or simply that you have a larger home, so aesthetically the lean-to conservatory would be out of kilter.

The simple design of the lean-to conservatory is one of its greatest assets, giving you the flexibility to make of the space what you will. If you think that an

Apropos lean-to is right for you, call our design team to arrange a consultation – 0800 328 0033. 
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