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Published on 4th March 2015
The British public are often accused of being obsessed by the weather. The problem is that because of our geographic location we’re subject to uniquely changeable conditions, so try as we might, predicting the British weather is something of a thankless task.

In winter most of us retreat indoors, knowing the weather will be awful regardless of the form it takes. But, when spring and summer roll around and we once again think of shedding our cocoons and unfurling our wings, like the social butterflies that we are, this unpredictability begins to cause problems.

The forecast can be splendid, so we’ll set up the barbeque only to be drenched before the first sausage has had a chance to sizzle. When it’s overcast and dreich, with worse apparently to come, an unexpected warm front will sneak up on us unawares, leaving us sweltering indoors, wading through a heavy roast, with eyes drawn irresistibly towards the blue-skied garden. We talk about the weather because it affects us, so it matters, and all we can do about it is talk… Unless, of course, we find a middle way.

Relocating to a more temperate clime is always an option, but if you’re looking for a slightly less dramatic answer you might want to consider investing in folding-sliding doors. Designed to provide the optimum indoor-outdoor solution, folding-sliding doors allow you to create an aperture of practically any size within your home, which can be fully opened to allow maximum access to the outside, the greatest possible flow of fresh air into the house, and the utmost natural light penetration, even when the doors are closed.

Being free-running, folding-sliding doors require no fixed ground frames to guide them, which means that you are provided with a level threshold, seamlessly blurring the lines between indoors and out and allowing for optimal accessibility – particularly useful for wheelchair users, but also helping to avoid trips and falls when the weather changes and you need to relocate that dinner party at speed. Apropos’ lightweight aluminium frames also mean that folding-sliding doors are effortless to manoeuver, while providing the best possible security for your home – it’s widely believed that because of the unique locking system and durable, state-of-the-art hinges, folding-sliding doors are almost impossible to break in to without smashing the glass.

Certified to conform to every current building regulation, Apropos folding-sliding doors are always bespoke. We make every component of our glass architecture in our own workshops, so that regardless of the particularities of your property, we can easily design and install the perfect folding-sliding doors to suit your needs.

Human beings will never be able to control the weather, but that’s no reason why we should let it control us. Why not start this summer with some Apropos folding-sliding doors? Get in touch today. That way your plans can go on, rain or shine.
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