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Published on 5th March 2015
What comes to mind when you think of a glazed link way? Coming in an array of shapes, sizes and varieties; ‘glazed link way’ or ‘glazed walkway’ is a term often bandied when people don’t quite know how to describe an architectural feature. Consequently, confusion can arise.

On a domestic level, glazed walkways can be things of both utility and beauty, which add a whole new dimension to a home. At Apropos, we work on three types of link way; short passages which unite separate structures; slim sideways, which can work as independent sun rooms, while opening on to numerous other rooms around the house; and finally the encircling shelter, which can allow access to all areas of a property without having to pass through internal spaces unnecessarily.

So what’s the point of having a glazed link way? Firstly, as mentioned above, they provide access, whether between rooms, or between buildings, allowing a comfortable traverse between different parts of your home without braving the elements or traipsing outside dirt about. Although most commonly used in barn conversions, where out-buildings are integrated into the home through glazed walkways, this form can also be incredibly useful when you are wanting to extend your home on uneven ground; the link way providing a tangible connection, yet allowing you build at a split level and slight remove from the original property. The same applies if you have garden features you’d like to work around – an aged tree or an attractive pond – a glazed link way could take you around it or over it without spoiling it.

Secondly, all glazed rooms can be infinitely useful; bright and comfortable, they can stand as a conservatory, giving a beautiful place to relax. With masses of natural light, glazed walkways provide a fabulous place for plants; you could create your own indoor jungle, with not very much effort at all. Basically, all sheltered walkways – glazed or otherwise – can significantly increase the functional footprint of your home, giving you storage space, craft space, relaxation space; space for whatever you will.

Thirdly and finally, bespoke glazed link ways, like those produced by Apropos, can significantly enhance the visual aesthetic of your home, providing practical space in a uniquely eye-catching format.

Glazed walkways can open up endless windows (‘scuse the pun!) of possibility for your home, whether new build or period renovation; freeing up space and adding interest and value. You could circle your home in a glazed scarf; provide a quick passage between kitchen and dining room, by-passing the living room; ‘break up the house’ and have compartmentalised zones, interlinked with bright and welcoming glazing; if you’re working on a budget you could even produce a similar affect with an Apropos glazed veranda, providing a sheltered spot without the frills.

A Glazed Walkway of any kind could change the way you use your home. For more information, call Apropos Conservatories to request a brochure 0800 328 0033.


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