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Published on 24th February 2015
What’s in a door? Would a door by any other name open as sweetly? While largely rectilinear, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made from a variety of materials, but the purpose of a door remains much the same: I open and close, therefore I am.
So why, at Apropos, do we need to offer three different types of door, when they’re all made out of glass? If you have a moment we’ll tell you!

Different doors suit different situations and choosing the right glazed door for the right room can make a large impact upon functionality and light-levels, as well as available space. At Apropos we want our customers to get the very best of their homes, and although a door is only a tiny part of a glazed extension, it’s really rather important, so with our bespoke designs we endeavour to offer a door for every occasion.

Bi-folding Doors – Bi-fold, or folding-sliding doors, are the latest addition to entryway architecture. Although suitable for smaller rooms, bi-fold doors are at their best when used in much wider spaces, sliding back from two to ten leaves and stacking neatly at the edge of an aperture to fully open the side of a home and let the fresh air flood through. Most commonly found externally, leading out into the garden, bi-folding doors are also a wonderful internal solution for open-plan homes, allowing for some partitioning of rooms without disrupting the flow of the design.

Sliding Doors – As well as being the title of an excellent film from the 90s, sliding doors are a consistently popular choice of entrance for rooms leading directly out into the garden. Having no hinges and needing no room to open, they are the ideal solution for homes with limited space indoors and out. The only draw-back is that half of the aperture will always be blocked with glass when the door is open, limiting the function.

Patio Doors – Sometimes called ‘French doors,’ patio doors are the most traditional design for a glazed entry. Taking the form of a standard hinged door, patio doors mainly open outwards (but can open inwards by design, if you have more room inside than out), providing full access to the width of the opening. Considered to be more of a ‘classic’ design, patio doors are commonly found on period properties.

Tailor made to suit your needs from the highest quality glazing and aluminium, all Apropos doors deliver a fabulously functional and breathtakingly brilliant finish to your home.

Call us today to find out how we could help you ‘open up’ your home – 0800 328 0033.


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