Marvelously Metallic!

Published on 12th February 2015
Whether as a part of industrial chic or shiny modern minimalism, there is a growing design trend to bring metal into the home. While no one can deny the appeal of the lustre and shine that steel, copper and aluminium can bring, it can also have the unfortunate effect of making a home feel clinical, impersonal and cold. So how can you chase the trends without taking on scrap yard ambiance?

Tips to Bring Warming Metal Bling into Your Home
  • The trick to keeping your home homely while adding a touch of metallic glitz is to get the balance right; rather than embracing the concept full-force, pick your pieces carefully; choose some statement furniture, then compliment it with warmer features.
  • A good way of getting bling without an overly cooling effect is to start from the ground up. Metallic flooring has a number of appealing features; it is hard-wearing; easy to clean; and it can look spectacular. Alternating shiny and matt tiles can be stunning, while zinc penny floor tiles can be warming, interesting and hugely aesthetically pleasing.
  • If you’re thinking of extending your home and you like the sleek metallic look, you couldn’t do better than speak to Apropos. As all Apropos structures employ a strong, durable aluminium frame, the design will deliver a goodly dose of heavy metal, but thermal break technology and the highest quality glazing will ensure that your home is always as warm as you want it to be.  Our glass architecture is designed on a tailor-made basis, meaning that whatever you have in mind for your home – orangery, kitchen-diner, veranda – and whatever space you have to do it in, we can create a unique structure specifically to fulfil your needs.
  • Another way to keep your home warm, but retain your selected style is to embellish with soft metallic fabrics; silver and gold thread can bring shimmering highlights to cushions, curtains and throws; satin naturally shimmers, delivering a softly metallic look.
  • The kitchen is a great place to incorporate metal into your décor, but rather than sticking to lifeless stainless steel, invest in some polished copper pots; beautiful and functional they bring vibrancy to any kitchen. Worn metal stools – painted or bare – can bring more of a shabby-chic feel, while upcycled factory ware can’t be beaten if you’ve industrial aspirations.
  • Whether through mirrors, old signs or intricate art, your walls are the perfect place to make the most of the metallic aesthetic without impacting on the functionality of your home.
  • Finally, don’t forget to look up. Metallic light fittings – whether upcycled farm lamps or shiny shades, the way you choose to light your home and dress those lights can have a big impact on visual appeal without costing a fortune.
For an easy way to add more room, light and metallics to your home request an Apropos Conservatories brochure today or get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation, design consultation. 
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