A Space for the Senses.

Published on 27th February 2015
Cooking is a hugely sensory experience; we see the bubbling water; feel the brush of steam against our skin,  inhale the smells of the ingredients and savour the tastes of the finished meal, using every one of our senses to get things right.

Cooking is of course the prime function of the kitchen, but for many of us it is also the heart of our home. As such, at Apropos we think that kitchens should be inspiring places, working on all of the senses.

Whether it’s the light shining in, spreading fingers of warmth through the windows, fresh air trickling through the vents bringing the scent of cut grass on stultifying days, or the gentle patter of spring time rain on the glass, Apropos kitchen extensions can invigorate a home. Views across the garden can provide a point of conversation, interest when doing chores, and a perspective from which to view the changing seasons. The bi-fold doors (or patio, or sliding, if you prefer) make garden access not just simple but appealing, encouraging the use of home-grown herbs in your cooking.

Made from the highest quality aluminium and glass, Apropos kitchen extensions are designed to give you the very best domestic experience, providing a place to answer all of your culinary needs as well as your family necessities; somewhere to gather, to share and to live. Maximising the available space and letting the sun shine through, an Apropos kitchen extension could change the way you use your home.

Domestic architecture, it’s said, can be a personal statement about who you are and how you live. At Apropos, we think that kitchens typify this. Pristine or cluttered; gloomy or vibrant; boxy or expansive; for show or for use; your kitchen will often give away secrets about your values as well as your lifestyle. Because all Apropos kitchen extensions are bespoke, we can’t pretend to represent a particular way of life, but we can help to deliver – and improve – your way of life, with a kitchen extension that answers all of your needs and a space that stimulates the senses.

If you would like to discuss how Apropos can help you improve your kitchen call our design team on 0800 328 0033.


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