Structural Glazing: Creating a Classic

Published on 30th January 2015
Design, of any kind, is subject to fashion, and trends change at the drop of a hat. While couture and interiors can be fixed with relatively little expenditure, when it comes to architecture, you’re in it for the long haul, so when today’s classy cutting edge becomes tomorrow’s brutalist monstrosity, the choices are limited: like it; lump it; or foot the bill to change it.

With any domestic structure, whether building a home from scratch or adding an extension, it pays dividends to keep in mind that you’re building for the future, and that the decisions you make now need to be both useful for your current circumstances and visually appealing to you, as well as to any future buyers, if you wish to maintain the value of your property. The secret is to start with a ‘classic’ design, and make it your own.


Structural Glass by Apropos Conservatories

Structural Glazing by Apropos Conservatories

How to Create a Structural Classic
    • Start simple. Simplicity is often key to long-term success. That’s not to say that the building needn’t be clever, experimental, or lacking in detail; it needn’t be boring in any way. Simplicity simply means that you – and future owners – can add your own embellishments.


    • Combine form and function. A building is only as attractive as it is useful, so make sure that your design works functionally – there is enough space for the intended purpose; the ceiling is high enough for the average man to stand comfortably; the doors are wide enough to easily accommodate furniture; and plenty of natural light makes it an inviting space.


    • Select your materials carefully. If extending your home there are two clear options; match the existing façade, or contrast with it. Colour-matching bricks can often backfire, particularly in period properties; this is where contrasting can be most successful. Rendering can work, helping the extension to stand proud from the brick, but a glazed extension (by Apropos) can bring a touch of modernity to a home, while offering a more subtle juxtaposition; the glass stands bright and inviting, but doesn’t hide the essence of the original architecture.


  • Buck the trend. Every season has its dominating styles, but by embracing a new craze you’re opening yourself to future regret. Firstly, trends come and go; pebble-dashed exteriors and artexed interiors were the height of 70’s architectural fashion, but after a decade of grazed elbows, we’ve spent the last 30 years trying to get rid of the stuff. And it’s not been cheap. Secondly, your home is yours; why would you want it to look like every other style devotee’s?


Creating a classic design needn’t involve working from an earlier blueprint, or even completely clinching an original concept, it’s more about making a functional space that looks as good as it feels. A simple design rendered in high quality materials, is as close to fail-safe as you can get.

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