Groom Your Greenhouse For Spring!

Published on 31st January 2015
Well, that’s Christmas done with for another year… Is it too early to start talking about the big spring clean?

Although few of us will be out searching for a fresh new feather duster just yet, gardeners know better than most that preparation is key to success, so when it comes to a new growing year, it pays to get a head start. With two full months of winter to go and the prospect of it being a bitter one – have you noticed how many berries there have been on the trees and bushes? – it’s a wee bit too early to start sowing, but it’s an excellent time to clear out your work space, sweep your shed, gut your greenhouse and paw through your seed catalogues as you start to make plans for the coming year.

Being friendly sorts, here at Apropos, we thought that we’d put together a quick guide to help ease your green fingers into spring. 

  1. Start by emptying out your greenhouse and giving it a good scrub down with detergent to kill off fungal spores, algae, and pests. Don’t forget to mop the floor. A clean, mould-free greenhouse will give your new seedlings the best chance of success.
  2. Clean the external glass just as thoroughly as the internal to ensure that you maximise the potential of the weak winter and spring sun. Keep yourself safe and avoid ladders by attaching a sponge to the end of a broom handle to reach higher panes of glass.
  3. Check the glass and frame for any cracks or degrading – Apropos aluminium frames should need little maintenance, but you may find that wooden frames need some TLC.
  4. Check and clear ventilation panels.
  5. Clean pots, trays and tools and leave to dry, so they’re all ready to go when the new season begins in earnest.
  6. Sharpen and maintain your tools; tighten and oil the springs on your secateurs.
  7. Clear away dead and decaying leaves around the garden, particularly in the vicinity of your greenhouse and shed.
  8. Use a narrow wire brush to clear weeds from your patio and pavements, to reduce the risk of trip hazards and improve the aesthetic.
  9. If you don’t have a greenhouse yet, now is a great time to order a bespoke structure from Apropos. Whether hothouse exotics or edibles are your passion, an Apropos greenhouse tailored made to suit your specific needs and available space, will give your growing aspirations the perfect place to take root and reach full fruition.
If we’ve sown some seeds with all this gardening talk, call the Apropos design team to discuss your new green dream 0800 328 0033.
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