Finishing Touches: How to make your new Apropos extension feel like part of the home…

Published on 22nd January 2015
Building a home extension of any kind can be an exciting and engaging process; you plan; you commission; you prepare; you build; then you… Umm… Well, actually a surprising number of people don’t know what to do next.

If your build has been for a specific purpose, say an Apropos glazed kitchen extension, then you’re on firm ground; you know what the space is for; what you want to do with it; where the furniture will go and how it will be used. Problems arise however, when an extension is added with ideas of much craved-for ‘additional space’, but few thoughts of how to utilise it. That can leave your beautiful new conservatory feeling like a tacked-on after-thought, which may never reach its full potential.

So, the question is: how can you make your new extension feel like part of the home?

  1. Planning – It may sound obvious, but it really does help to create a feeling of cohesion, if you think about what you’re going to use the space for before you build. That way, you ensure that you don’t end up with a TV room without any plug sockets, a sewing room with lights in all the wrong places, or a dining room just a smidge too small to fit chairs around the table.

That’s a clear number one, then. If you have already built your extension and are now wondering how to integrate it with the rest of the home, it’s time to move on to finishing touches.

  1. Think flooring – If the floor of your extension is on the same level as the adjoining room, you’re off to a great start. If not, it’s an easy matter to fool the eye into finding flow with the use of coordinated flooring. Whether solid wood, laminate, or carpet, having consistent flooring acts almost like the yellow brick road, subconsciously drawing you on through the house.
  2. Décor – Another obvious one, which applies to all rooms in all buildings, but the way you decorate a room will impact upon how and when it is used: just because a room is largely constructed from glass (like an Apropos conservatory or orangery), it doesn’t mean that it needn’t be thoughtfully decorated, so select a colour scheme which compliments the house. Additionally, if you want to use the space at night, consider hanging curtains or blinds, or purchasing standing screens.
  3. Furnish thoughtfully – It can be tempting, when you have a new room, to fill it with ‘posh stuff’ and save it for ‘best’. The problem then though, is that it sort of becomes wasted space. If you want to make the most of your extension fill it with comfy furniture that will invite all-comers.
  4. Personal touches – ‘Clutter’ has become something of a rude word in recent years, but it can help to make a new extension feel homely, so add some pictures and objet d’art, a pot plant, some books and pop a bed in the corner for the cat to rest in. Little touches go a long way.
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