Family Literacy Day: Snuggle Up with a Good Book

Published on 27th January 2015
“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
― Voltaire

Reading can feel like a bit of an indulgence these days; life is so busy and there’s so much to do; balancing work and family takes up every minute. There are some things it’s worth making time for though, and in our view, reading is one of them.

There are multitudes of reasons to relax with a book; the first point is already in this sentence: reading helps you to relax. It also keeps the brain active, can reduce the likelihood/delay the development of Alzheimer’s, ease depression, enhance sleep, boost your empathy levels, aid concentration and increase your vocabulary. On a very personal level, reading is good for us, but that’s really just the start. If you have a family, reading can help there too.

Because we’re so often on the go, and our children are so eager to explore the world, settling down for story time provides a rare opportunity for some close bonding. Whether teaching children to read, or simply looking through a picture book together, story time recaptures the cuddly time you and your littlies enjoyed when they were babies, and reinforces the bond you’ve built together. The benefits of reading for children can also be far wider-ranging; of course, reading is a key skill, so proficiency can help at school. It can also improve basic speech skills, aid communication, logical thinking and discipline, not to mention feeding their imagination.  There’s also nothing like a good book for starting a good conversation, and goodness knows, with teenagers we could all use some help doing that!

It’s Family Literacy Day across the pond in Canada but that doesn’t mean we can’t take part here; the weather is miserable and reading costs nothing, so if you have some spare time this weekend, why not curl up in your conservatory with a good book? If you have little ones, gather them round, show them the pictures and engage them in the story with questions and games. If your kids are more grown up, invite them to join you with a cup of coffee, as you slip away to your separate literary lives.

Conservatories can make the perfect place for reading; they’re often peaceful, technology-free zones, offering few distractions other than a pleasant view of the garden, while the natural light levels provide the ideal conditions for the eyes. Designed specifically for your individual needs, an Apropos conservatory could easily become a reader’s paradise, as well as a place to bring the family together.

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