Buried Treasure: Decluttering the Conservatory (and keeping it that way!)

Published on 15th January 2015
Earlier this week we were talking about organisation, and how an Apropos conservatory could help provide the extra space you need. Although a conservatory can resolve some of your space issues, it does throw up one sadly common scenario: Conservatory as dumping ground.

Almost every home has a dumping ground, be it a small spare room, or a chair so piled with clothes that you’d never guess furniture lay beneath, but the likelihood is that if you have a conservatory that’s where yours will be. It’s such a waste.

It always starts off small; forgotten documents left on the table for filing. That shabby pouf moved out of the way so you could put up the Christmas tree. The exercise bike you thought you’d use more often if you could look out the window while doing so. Then incrementally the pile grows until you start avoiding the room just so that you don’t have to think about tidying it!

It may only be January, but thinking optimistically, spring is just around the corner, so don’t waste the opportunity to bask in the early sun and watch the first blossoms unfurl; now is the time to sort out your stuff and put in place props to stop it from creeping back.

Cutting the Clutter

  1. The only way to start is to put on some music and get stuck in. Work with the three-box system: put away, give away, throw away.
  2. Invest in storage. If you’re not fully utilising your conservatory look into commissioning some built-in seats, with hidden storage. They can make a useful space for almost anything.
  3. If you still need more storage, be inventive and look beyond the obvious boring boxes; an ottoman can offer a functional seat while hiding clutter within; select a coffee table with a shelf and drawers; make the most of your walls with attractive but functional shelving, leaving a space for future needs.
  4. Once you’ve cleared away the mess, the trick to stop it gathering again is to actually use the room. Conservatories can make the most fabulous places for entertaining, working, relaxing, or family time, so forget about your preconceptions of what a conservatory should be, and fill it with things you want to be in there – comfy seats and an entertainment console; a dining table; a desk, and office paraphernalia; a hammock; a daybed; a potting bench or a potter’s wheel; anything you like, as long as it takes you in there and makes you use the space.
  5. Stop buying things you don’t need!
Decluttering your home can almost be a state of mind, so start positively, but don’t feel that you have to do it all at once. If you take your time and do it properly, you’ll hopefully not need to do it again!
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