Partying with Apropos – How your conservatory can make the perfect Festive Party Pad.

Published on 17th December 2014
One of the most common reasons our customers give for investing in an Apropos extension is the wish to have more room to entertain. Putting plans into practise can sometimes take a little while though, so if your Apropos conservatory was designed to be a party pad but is yet to be christened, there is no better time to put it through its paces.

7 Steps to Help You Jingle as You Mingle in Your Apropos Christmas Conservatory

  1. Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice and so should you if you want your party to turn out nice! Shopping lists and to-to lists could be your saviour when it comes to party planning.
  2. Keep it simple. Whether creating a look or planning a menu, simplicity could be the key to Christmas party success, so choose a theme and go with it, but don’t go overboard; rather than dressing the whole house, or even the whole room, pick three or four focal points; the tree; the woodburner; the table and make them shine. Use lighting to create a mood.
  3. Make the most of your conservatory’s features – if you have Aprofold doors, leave them clear so that they can be easily slipped back if it gets too hot. If you have a patio, light it up with solar lamps or large candles, may be add a firepit for external warmth, and brighten the shrubbery with fairy lights.
  4. Don’t try to cater for every taste; you’ll never succeed. Keep your drinks and food menus simple; welcome everyone with warming mulled wine, or mulled apple juice for drivers and non-drinkers, then move on to wine, beer or juice from there – you’re not a licenced premises; you don’t need to offer the full gamut! 5.
  5. Finger-food is also the easiest option; buy a couple of high-end party platters, making sure the vegetarians are also catered for. Don’t skimp on food however; you’ll need something to soak up the alcohol. Keep a balance between sweet and savoury nibbles.
  6. The days of the mix-tape are long behind us, but you can’t have a party without mood music – the cheesier the better! – so spend some time pulling together a playlist your MP3 player.
  7. And goodnight. If you don’t want to be chasing guests out, make sure you state a party end-time on your invites, or order taxis before the wine starts flowing!
Get the party started with Apropos by calling us today on 0161 342 8206 or requesting a consultation with one of our expert designers.
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