How to enjoy an energy saving Christmas…

Published on 17th December 2014

If there has been one dominant domestic topic in 2014, it has to be saving energy. There is hardly a household in the whole of the kingdom that wouldn’t like to see their energy bills reduced, and there’s a very good many searching to do their bit for the environment. So why should it stop for the festive season? The answer is that it shouldn’t!

It might be too late to for a substantial structural overhaul before the big day – although some new, Apropos energy-efficient doors and windows could be a good New Year’s investment, not to mention replacing that rickety old conservatory with something stylish, modern, bespoke and draught-free – but there are still plenty of things you can do to save the pennies and reduce environmental impact.

How to enjoy an energy saving Christmas

  1. Multi-task the oven. If you think before you cook you can save time as well as energy, using all three shelves of the oven – mince pies on top, nibbles in the middle, baked potatoes below.
  2. Close the curtains at night. Although it can be nice to share your festive cheer by displaying your tree in your window, up to 50% of a building’s heat is lost through windows and doors – closing the curtains can reduce this by up to half.
  3. Turn off the television. Now, don’t look so aghast! One of the most important aspects of Christmas is bringing the family together, but what’s the point if all you’re doing in staring at that screen? Break out some board games, play charades, sing some carols (ok, maybe not!), have a good old catch up. The telly really gets in the way of that.
  4. Use LED Christmas lights – they use up to six times less energy than the traditional kind. If all 26 million UK homes swapped one string of standard fairy lights for LED lights, during the 12 days of Christmas alone, collectively they would save over 26,000 tonnes of CO2. Financially, that’s nearly £9.7m – enough to pay the weekly energy bills for 400,000 homes.[1]
  5. Turn off the lights – Christmas or otherwise – when you leave home or go to bed.
  6. If the environment is important to you, buy locally-sourced ingredients for your festive roast.
  7. Use your leftovers! The turkey curry buffet maybe a clichéd joke, but with a bit of creative cookery you can fashion a feast from your festive leftovers and make the most of the energy that went into cooking them. Besides, Boxing Day bubble & squeak is the best bit of Christmas!
  8. Buy gifts that don’t need an endless supply of rechargeable batteries, or to be connected to the mains. If unavoidable, buy a solar charger to go with them.
  9. If you haven’t already got a tree, consider a living one in a pot over an artificial. This won’t impact on your energy use, but living trees are carbon neutral and can be used year after year, making them much better for the environment.
  10. Finally, the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.
 To discuss how an Apropos Extension can help your home to conserve it’s energy get in touch today or request your copy of our latest brochure. 


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