How to create a winter-wonderland in your conservatory…

Published on 4th December 2014
Sleigh bells riiiiiiing, Are you listening, In the laaaaaaane, Snow is glistening, A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight, Walking in a winter wonderland…

Sadly, the British weather rarely plays ball when it comes to Christmas; we get snow, but not when we want it, so if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in a perfect winter wonderland, it’s probably a good idea to make your own. Being just a smidge biased, at Apropos we think that there’s no better place for it, than your conservatory.

So where to start? We all know about the obvious accoutrements, but how do you move beyond the average to achieve the extraordinary? Well, aiming for a white Christmas could be a good guide.

How to create a winter-wonderland in your conservatory:

  • To Tree or Not to Tree – They may be messy, but if you want that authentic feeling, a real tree can’t be beaten. The resin-y scent works on the senses delivering as much olfactory delight as visual. Alternatively, try something completely different – trees made out of wire or twigs with little more than fairy lights for adornment. Trees fashioned from towers of books, driftwood, or a shape stuck to the wall made from object d’art. A memorable Australian offering was fashioned entirely from empty beer bottles – with more than 300 bottles used though, you’d best get started now!
  • White Wash – If you’re past the stage where bits of gluey cardboard proudly brought home from nursery need to play a part in your decorating scheme, theming is the way to go, and if you want that outdoorsy feel, go for nature’s most iconic Christmas colour; white. White lights, white, glass and silver ornaments, white or silver candles on the tables, and (if you must!) spray snow on the tree.
  • Accessorise Naturally – Natural ornaments such as fir cones, and holly wreathes on tables or around candles can coordinate and add a splash of festive colour.
  • One is the Loneliest Number – If you have room, it can be fun to have more than one tree; turn your conservatory into a miniature forest, with three, five or more trees scattered about. The scent will be glorious, the visual impact astounding. Your family may be slightly concerned about the location of your marbles, but trust us; it could be amazing!
  • Coordinate – If you’re going with the white theme, stick with it. If you’ll be dining in the conservatory, dress the table in a white cloth, with white candles, white napkins, glistening silverware, and add a touch of sparkle with silver crackers, spray-on frost, and glittering centrepiece. Adorn armchairs and sofas with white, fleecy throws and cushions. Pepper the glazing with adhesive snowflakes.
  • Teasers – Spread the festive feeling throughout the house with piles of presents (empty, gift-wrapped boxes) temptingly leading through to the conservatory, where the real booty will be.

Whatever your tastes, making a winter wonderland just takes a little thought and effort, so now is the time to start. Whether bottle shop chic or a traditional take, may your Christmas be merry and bright.

If you what you really need is a conservatory to fill then give Apropos a call or request a design consultation with one of our experts.
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