Home For Christmas.

Published on 17th December 2014
What an evocative phrase that is: home for Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a conventional Christmas in your life, ‘home for Christmas’ can’t help but conjure up scenes of smiling faces, roaring fires, roasting chestnuts and snow-decked rooftops. We won’t, apparently, be getting Christmas snow this year in the UK, but as nice as it is to snuggle in your  Apropos conservatory and watch white flakes drift past the glass, it’ll take more than that to dampen down the Christmas spirit.

Christmas, for us at Apropos, is all about family – we’re a family-run business after all; we’re bound to have a strong sense of kin! – and home plays a big part in that.

The decorations are all already up; the Christmas cards sent, received and displayed; the shopping is done (mostly!); some presents still need to be wrapped; mince pies need to be baked; then there’s the final grocery shop for sprouts (oh come now!), satsumas, chestnuts, mulled wine, and all the other goodies that make up the big day.

On Christmas morning stockings are opened, then one of us lights the coal fire while a couple of us prepare the roast. As tree lights are sparkling a big breakfast is partaken, selected to fill the gap until the Christmas lunch… Which usually becomes Christmas dinner, because the bird takes longer than we’d thought! Presents come when the youngest (or the youngest at heart) amongst us can wait no longer to tear off the wrappers, then what started decorously rapidly reduces into a grab-fest as gifts are passed out from under the tree and paper flutters wildly  in front of the bemused faces of our pets.

We have the roast and a pudding and the wine, then a game or a film, or a film and a game, and watch the Christmas Doctor Who (well now, who doesn’t?). It’s just one day, but we love Christmas!

And we’re nearly there; it’s so exciting! Now, all we need to do is wait for everyone to get here, so all together now:

I’m driving home for Christmas

Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces

I’m driving home for Christmas, yea…

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Apropos; friends and family alike. If you’re having as much fun as we are this will be a Christmas to remember for all.
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