All I want for Christmas is…..lower heating costs!

Published on 10th December 2014
What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year? Lovely presents? A lottery win? A happy fuss-free day without any culinary disasters? A recent survey by Duette®, a leading energy-saving blinds company, has revealed that what more than 40 per cent of adults are really wishing for is lower heating bills… Possibly not the easiest thing for Santa to wrap up and leave under the Christmas tree!

In fact, the three most wished for scenarios in Duette’s survey were lower food bills (asked for by 46% of participants), lower heating bills (41%) and lower electricity bills (35%). Food isn’t really within our remit at Apropos – although we could help you out with beautiful kitchen extension to prepare it in – but when it comes to the other two, we have a fair few ideas.

Studies by the Energy Saving Trust have revealed that most domestic properties lose 50 per cent of generated heat through glazing. Old, single-glazed, doors and windows practically haemorrhage heat, and double glazing installed before 1995 is almost as bad. Then we come to poorly fitted glass, the stuff held in place by crumbling putty or shoddy silicone; there you’re not just letting the weather through your windows, but around them too. As for old glazed extensions… You probably don’t want to know how thermally inefficient they can be.

At Apropos we use the highest quality glass in all of our bespoke commissions – windows, folding-sliding doors, skylights, conservatories, atriums, orangeries, and any other type of architectural glazing you can think of – then we couple it with strong, durable aluminium frames, sealed with rolled thermal break technology, which works to deliver the most thermally efficient glazing formula around. Using our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we offer ten different types of glass, helping our customers to match the most efficient and affordable glazing for their requirements, be that preventing heat loss in winter, reducing heat gain in summer, protecting against fire, or providing the option of privacy at the touch of a button.

By going a step further and installing Duette® energy saving blinds you can slash your annual heating costs by up to 25% (check out their online energy saving calculator to work out how much you could save: If you replace your glazing with Apropos, you could do the same again, in spades. If you replace your old lean-to conservatory with a bespoke Apropos structure you won’t just reduce the heating costs of the whole house, but you’ll have a beautiful new space designed just for you, which will be useable all the year round, rather than just the few mild, clement days in spring and autumn before the heat and the cold get too much.

These days, we all aspire to having a bright and airy home, but sometimes it seems that we need to compromise between style and comfort. With Apropos compromise can become a ghost of Christmas past, but our New Year construction slots are filling up fast, so call us today to see if we can help check off one of the items on your Christmas list.

To start saving money on your energy bills in time to spend it all on next years Christmas gifts, get in touch with Apropos today, you can request a brochure or design consultation or call us on 0161 342 8217 to discuss your plans.
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