The Original Industrial Chic.

Published on 20th November 2014
The merging of traditional factory materials and aesthetics with contemporary home essentials, Industrial Chic has been growing in popularity for some time, reaching the point where it’s no longer considered to be overly outré, but rather an accepted style statement, albeit one with an edge.

Apropos has long been a proponent of Industrial Chic; many of our pared-back designs take inspiration from the sheer functionality of the industrial era, while we always seek to deliver optimum comfort and luxury for our clients. Our choice of materials also harks back to that earlier age and aesthetic; although we choose to frame our glass architecture with aluminium for its strength, durability, malleability and green credentials, we also think that it looks fantastic, adding its own unique personality to our structures.

Inspired by the fictional genre of steampunk, more and more people are looking to give their homes that industrial edge, whether with a single, standout piece of furniture or a complete design makeover.

The key areas to keep in mind when aiming for an industrial overhaul are materials, colours, and functionality; you’ll never find anything in a factory that doesn’t need to be there, but the true industrial convert will find beauty within utility. Aged woods and worn, weathered textures join iron, aluminium, steel and tin, with exposed welding, bolts and rivets. There’s no need of high polish or disguise; the components of industry were created to be used… Even If you’re not currently using them for their original purposes; vast factory springs can make fabulous barstools, if you just add a seat on top, while light fittings intended for the warehouse or barn can add a real vintage flavour to any room.

In the home, exposed, dark, worn floorboards play their role at creating an industrial ambience; battleship grey paint can accent edges (and works especially well on an Apropos industrial-style conservatory or kitchen extension); while reclaimed wood can make an endless array of furnishings, particularly when coupled with iron findings. For a touch of comfort, throw in aged leather chairs and sofas, and add focal points with industrial objet d’art; cogs; an old crank-handle Singer sewing machine; a wire desk tidy; bottles for use as candle holders or vases.

The real beauty of Industrial Chic is that like the industrial age itself, the rules are there to be broken; almost anything goes. The main thing is to avoid too much glitz and polish; think rough strength and utility, with comfort at the core and industrial design is sure to follow.

 To talk about your very own installation of some original Industrial Chic contact Apropos today on 0161 342 8217 or request a design consultation here.

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