Squeezing the juice: How orangeries can work in small spaces

Published on 4th November 2014
Think of an orangery, and many people will conjure up visions of grand stately homes, the likes of which few of us could ever afford, but while orangeries do have an air of elegance and luxury, it’s perfectly possible to incorporate one into an average family home. And unlike the conservatory which can require the requisitioning of a fairly large area of external space, with some canny design, a bespoke Apropos orangery can be squeezed into the most diminutive plots.

Rather than being the huge, impractical status symbols they once were, modern orangeries work as something of a glorious hinterland between indoors and out. They provide a beautifully bright area, where different aspects of the home can converge, either working as a standalone snug, or combining kitchen, dining-room and sitting-room in one. With large picture windows and glazed doors situated between strategically placed brickwork, the orangery is both cosy and airy, offering a comfortable, expansive area to live in.

If you’re working with limited space, Apropos can help you to create a bespoke orangery with just a few square feet of your garden. The extension could incorporate an existing room, or rooms; a popular option is to knock through the kitchen and adjoining reception room, to create a wide open-plan area, through which the sunlight can travel from the orangery windows.

If your orangery is to be connected to, or to replace, an existing single storey kitchen extension, of the type commonly found in Victorian terraces, skylights or glazed panels could be worked into the existing solid roof, to create a feeling of cohesion between the two buildings.

With a bespoke orangery it is also possible to incorporate awkward features; if your garden is strangely angled, or your home has unusually low first floor windows, Apropos can tailor the design to suit your exact needs. With period properties we can also help to take away planning permission headaches; we already know what is required to break through the red tape so we can plan your extension accordingly.

Orangeries can work in almost any situation; old houses; new builds; small gardens; vast estates. They can be formed from clean, sharp lines with a minimalist aesthetic, or they can boast curlicues and domes and ornately fashioned roof crestings and finials. Whatever space is available to you, and whatever style ticks your particular boxes, with our bespoke aluminium framed orangeries, Apropos will have a design solution for you.

Call the Apropos design team today; 0161 342 8206, to organise your own space saving Orangery design or discuss your plans with one of our expert design consultants.
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