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Published on 27th November 2014
Quick question for you – do you happen to have a spare £7.5 million?

Now sir, there’s no need for those snorts of derision. And madam, we’re sorry; we didn’t mean to make you choke on your coffee. We did spot one or two smug smiles upon our reader’s faces though, so we’ll press on and tell you why we asked.

Back in 2012, Apropos was involved in the renovation of a simply stunning Edwardian artist’s studio in West London. After a century of use by artists of various kinds – John Lennon, the Sex Pistols and Rod Stewart all recorded albums in the studio that thrived there in the 1960s – the building was converted into apartments, and the one that Apropos had a hand in modernising has just gone back on the market at very modest seven and a half million pounds… Well, we always have said that an Apropos extension can add value to any property!

Described as a ‘duplex maisonette’, the apartment in question is sunk into the basement of the Grade II listed property, so not quite the standard Apropos structural challenge; on this build we were involved in the installation of a light well, set in to the ground-level ceiling of the subterranean kitchen-diner, and then found ourselves back on a more familiar footing with the construction of a bespoke conservatory at the back of the ground floor office space.

Apart from a stunning light well, created with switch glass, which changes from clear to opaque at the touch of a button for guaranteed privacy from the flats above, and a simply delightful conservatory, which must have added, ooooh, surely at least 25% to flat’s appeal, what would you get for your little investment?

Let’s start with four spacious bedrooms, each with an en suite, a large kitchen-diner, a mezzanine ‘chill out’ zone, a wet room, a steam room, a wine cellar, a gym and a luxury home cinema – and we’re not just talking about a flat screen stuck on the sitting room wall! On top of that, the ground floor rooms have 12 foot tall windows, filled with the highest quality glazing for optimum insulation. There is a 90 foot chimney, for those who like a good blaze. And last, but by no means least, we have the three most important aspects of property buying; location, location, location; the building is situated in one of London’s most sought-after locales, Holland Park.

Being largely subterranean, this apartment is possibly one of the more unusual structures that Apropos has had to work on, but we’re used to handling bespoke projects – after all, that really is what we do – so we took it very much in our stride. You only need to look at the pictures to gauge the results.

So anyway, if you were looking for a new pad and hoping for an Apropos without having to build it yourself, then this might just be the place for you… Best just check your piggy bank before you book an appointment with the agent though!

Alternatlively, if we’ve inspired you to undertake your very own Apropos’ Grand Design call us today on; 0161 342 8206 or click here to request a design consultation with one of our experts.

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