How To Create The Perfect Conversation Sanctuary.

Published on 13th November 2014
It’s not uncommon for a new Apropos glazed extension to become a talking point. Friends and family comment on the difference it makes to the home; how much light shines through; how much more spacious the property seems; how good it feels to spend time there. Neighbours lean over fences or twitch curtains surreptitiously, wondering how much it cost; who designed it; and whether they could afford to do something similar. Either way, we’re used to setting tongues wagging.

This month however, here at Apropos, we’re highlighting the conservatory as a different kind of talking point; somewhere where, to appropriate the words of the late lamented Bob Hoskins, it’s good to talk.

Conservatories aren’t often thought of as cosy; all that glass and exposure to outside views can make them feel more of a formal area. The function of a room however, is shaped by its design, both in terms of structure and décor, and if you like to cosy down for a good catch-up, whether face-to-face or on the telephone, your conservatory could be just the place the place to do so.

For starters, most conservatories are set slightly apart from the rest of the home; sitting on the outside of a dining room or lounge, conservatories are rarely a thoroughfare, so when you have the juiciest gossip to digest, you can slide the door closed, cocoon yourself away in your little oasis of calm, and yet still see if anyone else is trying to listen in!

Conservatories also rarely house a television, so there’s no gleaming box demanding attention. However, if you really want to create a personal gossip ghetto, there are a few essential elements that you really must adopt:

  1. Indulgent seating. Forget about sensible chairs with orthopaedic approval, what you need is something really squishy to sink into! Don’t place your chairs and sofa too far apart either – a cosy chat is much more likely in a cosy environment.
  2. A coffee table. Whether wine with the girls, beer with the boys (or vice versa), or nice cup of tea and a biscuit or two; a long discussion demands beverages at hand to keep the conversation flowing, so you need somewhere to rest them.
  3. Blankets and cushions. Although the temperature within an Apropos conservatory should remain consistent, if you’re inert your body temperature will gradually drop, so a good snuggler is always a sensible investment.
  4. Finally, the most important tool for staying in touch with long-distance friends is a phone! You might have already seen in our News section that we’re working with Gigaset (formerly Siemens) to run a glorious giveaway, whereby four lucky Apropos fans will win a top of the range Gigaset SL930A wireless phone handset. With touch screen Android capabilities, low radiation, internet use and the capacity to hold a range of aps, it’s really rather swanky, so click here, if you’d like to enter.

With long nights and less to fill them, winter is the perfect time to settle in for a good old catch-up, so have a think about when you last spoke to your old friends, pick up your phone and head to your Apropos conservatory.

To get in touch with Apropos pick up your phone and give us a call on; 0800 328 0033.


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