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Published on 18th November 2014
If you’ve happened to be watching Channel 4 on Wednesday nights for the last six weeks, the chances are that you would have watched Grand Designs. The show has been on our screens for 15 years, showcasing some of the best – and occasionally the worst – of British architecture in action. Whether it’s been done poorly or well, there is one thing that the programme has made clear; glass is becoming an ever more important aspect of the modern home.

New Build Glazing Project

At Apropos, probably for slightly obvious reasons, we’re always most interested in the glazed aspects of Grand Designs. Of course, we’re fascinated by the innovations; floating staircases; new insulation forms; green technology. We also applaud the craftsmanship which goes into some of these designs, and the hands-on ‘can-do’ attitude of the self-builders, even when faced with dispiriting adversity. However, it’s the jeopardy of the glazing which keeps us amused; will the windows arrive on time? Will the glazing fit? Will the sliding doors… slide???

Working with glass isn’t easy – for starters, it’s probably the most easily broken element of any building. However, at Apropos we don’t really see the need for all the drama; if you plan sensibly, measure carefully – twice! – and listen to your client’s needs, glazing can be the most beautiful and stress-free element of any big home design project.

Apropos work with individual homeowners, architectural firms, and building contractors, on projects as small as lean-to conservatories, and as big as complete home renovations. We design and build bespoke greenhouses and glazed verandas; we install glazed curtain walling and skylights; we create atria, glazed walkways, orangeries, kitchen extensions, various door types, and industrial gazing; and we do it all using the same principles: quality, professionalism and attention to detail.

Working closely with both clients and their architects, we are able to come up with unique designs to bring natural light flooding into buildings. Trusting to the unbeatable strength of aluminium, polyester powder-coated a suitable shade to compliment the overall colour scheme of the structure we’re working on, we can create not just workable home extensions, but beautiful feats of architecture rendered in glass. And because we make everything we need for every one of our projects, we’re able to work closely with our clients, to incorporate their dreams and theories into our designs, so that the end result is more their vision than ours.

Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs has been inspiring, infuriating, confounding and awing us for years, and is now considered to be a key barometer of architectural trends and developments from outside of the industry. It is a place where innovations – both successful and otherwise – are displayed in all their glory; a place where the layperson can see contemporary architecture in action. With our cutting edge technological processes and entirely bespoke design service, Apropos is very much at the heart of that industry. And our clients are very much at the heart of Apropos.

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