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Published on 25th November 2014
Isn’t it funny how we acquire so much stuff? You start off in your first little flat after leaving home or university, marvelling at all the space. Your flat-pack furniture doesn’t touch the sides, even though you’ve only got three rooms, including the bathroom. Slowly you acquire another bookcase, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and the space begins to feel more homely.

After a couple of years you relocate; the cute little flat was beginning to feel poky, in the new place you have two – count them! – TWO reception rooms, and a spare bedroom. You feel almost hedonistic. So you buy a desk, and a couple more bookcases, and dining table, and… Then you have children and suddenly you can’t move for nappies and toys and sports bags and homework and…  Honestly, the thought of packing everything up and moving again just makes you want to cry. So what’s the solution?

You could try a home extension?

If you like where you’re living, but you’ve run out of space, a home extension could make a world of difference. And we’re not necessarily talking about a huge job; a relatively small addition placed in the right position can dramatically enhance the feel, flow and utility of your home. With a bit of clever design (from Apropos, naturally!) you wouldn’t even need to take up a particularly big chunk of the garden; it’s about working with what you’ve got and designing to maximise potential.

A small bespoke Apropos conservatory, for instance, could serve as a dining room, office, sitting room, or somewhere for the kids to do their homework.

A kitchen extension could, again, double up as a diner, but could also increase your storage space; by bringing the workspace forward, into the area most enhanced by the new windows and folding-sliding doors (if you want easy access to your kitchen garden) you could build a pantry against the back wall, cutting the clutter that fills small suburban kitchens. You could even construct a small utility room in the old space, shutting away the noise of the washing machine and dishwasher, so you can actually hear yourself think while preparing the evening meal.

If you opted to build an Apropos orangery instead, you need only extend outwards by a meter or two, but it would help you to reconfigure the rest of the home; the light flowing in would make the whole ground floor feel bigger, and by also removing an internal wall you could create an open-plan kitchen, diner and sitting room. The construction work would be minimal, but the aesthetic and physical impact would be enormous; a wall may only be seven inches thick, but the combined length would provide a lot of space.

It can be easy to feel trapped inside your home. It can be difficult to know what to do about it. It can feel like too big a problem to fix. The thing is to take control. With a bit of Apropos know-how, we can help you find your feet again, so that 2015 goes down in history as the year you claimed back your home.

Call the Apropos design team today; 0161 342 8206, to organise your own space saving design or discuss your plans with one of our expert design consultants.
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