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Published on 8th October 2014
Dead space. Most of us will have some in our homes. We complain that we don’t have enough room to do what we want, to spread out and enjoy our separate occupations, all the while ignoring the elephant outside the room. Dead space.

Dead space comes in many guises; the pointless side passage that no one ever uses; the ramshackle porch which is more of a hindrance than a help; the patio, which the kids used to play on, but has been abandoned for years; a miniature vestibule, too small to be used as anything much other than a boot room, but housing too few boots to be worthy of the name; or a flowerbed run over with more weeds than flowers. The problem is that these spaces are so awkward, so small, so strangely shaped, or so difficult to access that most of us struggle to think of anything we could do with them, so we leave them be and continue to lament our lack of elbow room.

If this is you, then lament no more! Specialists in bespoke glass architecture, Apropos have been building conservatories for more than three quarters of a century and we like nothing more than beating the odds and finding a solution to those problematic places.

Now, there are many things that you can do to make the most of dead spaces about the home; constructing a veranda; extending the kitchen, but if you’re looking to increase your property’s useable footprint, bring light into your home and create an attractive room that you really want to spend time in, a bespoke conservatory could be the way to go.

At Apropos, we have many design tricks up our copious sleeves, but the fact that we manufacture all of the parts used in all of our structures in-house, and create each and every one on an individual basis to suit specific customer’s needs, is the key reason why from our point of view, there are no problem places, only solutions.

Regardless of the style and age of your home, with a little bit of collaborative thinking, Apropos can help you to come up with a conservatory that suits your needs, your tastes and the physical demands of your property.

–  We can design a structure which blends seamlessly with the existing building; matching brickwork; coordinating paint schemes; raising floor levels, to create an extension which feels like it’s always been there.

–  Conversely, we can strike a resounding contrast; make your new conservatory stand proud, aesthetically separating old and new with a bold aluminium frame and bright glazing; a complementing contrast, adding interest and originality.

Whatever most appeals to you, the important thing is that we can help you to not just hide that dead space, but to use it. Yes; in the process you’ll add value to your home. And yes; you’ll make your property more desirable, but that’s really rather beside the point. Our aim is to help you fall in love with your property once more. If that’s the case, we’ll consider our job done.

So if you’ve got some dead space you want shifting why not request your free brochure today? Better yet, give us a call; 0161 342 8206, and we’ll send round one of our expert Design Consultants to take a look.


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