Last orders for a glazed spring.

Published on 21st October 2014
How do you get through the gloomier months of the year? At Apropos, we like to plan ahead.

It could be blue sky days all round for you this Spring with an Apropos installation.

When the sky is rendered in fifty shades of grey, we think of the golden light of spring time. When it’s cold and wet, we look forward to the warmer days to come. When sunlight seems to grace us for a few short hours a day, we think of the lengthening days after December’s winter solstice. We can’t change the weather, so we all find our own ways to deal with it.

If you (or your family) are going slowly mad from rain-induced cabin-fever, or suffering from sunlight-deprivation-induced SAD, why not perk yourself up with a plan for a better spring time? We always find that having something – anything! – to look forward to works for us, and an Apropos home extension works on many different levels.

If you’re looking at this website, you probably already know that Apropos is a specialist glass architecture company. We’re based in Manchester, work throughout the UK, have been in operation for more than 75 years, and we manufacture every part of every project we undertake ourselves, meaning that we’re able to deliver completely original structures to suit the needs, space limitations and site of our customers, every single time.

While most people come to us for a modern take on more traditional glazed extensions – orangeries, conservatories, kitchen-diners, atrium – the bespoke nature of our design and production process, means that if a structure is possible within the realms of physics, we’ll find a way to make it work for you; glazed walkways; glass balconies; internal walls made from aluminium and glass, glazed loft curtain walling; a glass observation tower leading from your attic… Ok, so we’ve not yet worked on the last example for anyone, but if you’re up for it, we’d love to give it a whirl!

A glazed extension can completely reinvigorate a home; it will allow natural light to penetrate to places it’s never been! It will transform the appearance of a property, both inside and out. It will increase the useable footprint of the building, so on those wet winter days, there’s more elbow room for everyone. Moving on from that last point, more often than not, it will improve family harmony.

Imagine how much more bearable these miserable winter days would be, if you had room to move and light to see by. Imagine how nice it would be to slide back a wall in summer time and let fresh air circulate. Imagine star-gazing from bed through your strategically positioned skylight. Imagine watching the first flowers of spring unfurl through the glass of your pretty new breakfast room. Almost anything is possible, the spring is waiting for you; you just need to make the most of it.

But hurry – our construction slots are filling fast, so if you want to benefit from a lighter, brighter, roomier spring time, get in touch with Apropos today to arrange a consultation with a member of our design team. 
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