How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Published on 14th October 2014
So much for a gentle decline into autumn – October has come in with storming fury; a timely reminder that winter is near at hand.

A season of mixed blessings, winter is probably the time of year that needs the most preparation: the weather is miserable, and yet there are many events to plan for; the happiness of spending time with loved ones is tempered by the problems of having to accommodate them; money is finite, yet the demands for it are infinite. October is a good time to make a plan of action.

The Practicalities

The first step is to save pennies by making sure that your home is as thermally efficient as possible:

  • Insulate your walls and loft.
  • Use a chimney balloon to block up disused fireplaces.
  • Trap heat with lined curtains and draft excluders.
  • Check your floorboards and skirting boards for gaps – 15% of heat is lost through the floor in most homes.
  • Keep doors and windows shut and make sure your letter box closes properly.
  • Check window seals and consider replacing old glass with something more thermally efficient (from Apropos!).
  • Save cash by lowering your thermostat – 1°C could take 10% off your heating bill.
The Planning

The best way to achieve a stress-free winter is to plan ahead, particularly for the big events:

  • We’re sorry to mention the C word, but if you have a large family, it’s never too soon to start Christmas shopping.
  • If your home is the focus of family gatherings, start considering logistics now. Think about what worked last year and what went wrong. What created stress? Did you have room for everyone? Did you make the most of the space you’ve got?
The Future

You may have left things a little late to make large structural changes to your home in time for this winter, but as the kids spend more and more time indoors and things begin to feel cramped and cranky, think about what you could do next year:

  • An Apropos orangery can make a wonderful, spacious home hub.
  • A bespoke Apropos conservatory could become your dream kitchen-diner and also a fabulous place to entertain.
  • A garden room from Apropos could give the kids a safe place to hang out in comfort, or provide you with a refuge of sanity!

Winter is all about coming together and making the best of a bad job, but a little bit of preparation goes a long way, turning pennies into pounds and nightmares in dreams.

If you’re already feeling the chill and would like to discuss your options with Apropos please request your free copy of our 2014 Brochure or request a meeting with one of our expert Design Consultants.


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