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Published on 19th September 2014
There are many reasons for deciding to commission a home extension, but ultimately, they all come down to space.

Your house seemed perfect when you laid down your deposit, but that was before you had children/started working from home/became a model rail enthusiast/needed somewhere to store the bodies. If it’s the latter scenario, Apropos may not be the right firm for you – it’s quite hard to conceal anything when you’re working with glass, although Switch glass, or Ultra White Laminated may be an option! – but even so, the principals are much the same and we’ve been working in the glass extension trade for more than 75 years, so we have a few tips that may be of use when deciding on the right course for you.

4 Simple Steps to Planning a Home Extension.

Budget – At Apropos, we’ll be the first to admit that a home extension is not going to be cheap. In fact, palpitations are commonplace amongst those who decide to take the plunge, but the thing to bear in mind is that as long you don’t exceed the average property value in your neighbourhood, all of your investment will be recouped with significant interest when/if you decide to sell. The trick is in selecting a realistic budget to start with, and sticking to it. We’ll reiterate that point with bold bits and italics because it’s important: select a realistic budget and stick to it.

Use – Budget settled on, it’s time to draw up your plans, but first you need to decide what you want the extension for. Yes, ok; we’ve already established that you’ve run out of space to display your fancy teapot collection, but what precisely do you want from the new room? Is it going to be a fabulous glazed kitchen-diner, or are you intending to use it as a general store, so you can make better use of the spaces you already have? Will it need to be connected to the water mains? Do you want more natural light to spill into the house, or somewhere more secluded?

Plans – Now we move on to the drawing board. You might have a wealth of ideas, but are you sure that they’re all practical? An architect, or specialist bespoke design company, like Apropos, can help you through the technicalities, create workable plans, deal with planning permission, liaise with builders, and generally make sure that you finish up with a structure that works aesthetically and functionally… And stands up after the builders have left the scene!

Neighbours – The benefit of keeping your neighbours sweet is not to be underestimated. Discuss your plans with them; be considerate; if they have concerns try to work around them; keep them informed. After all, once your extension is built and the dust has settled, you may well want to move home entirely if next door are glaring daggers every time you step outside.

So that’s it. We could go on; we could advise you on glass types, site types, different kinds of extensions – orangeries/bathrooms/conservatories/bedrooms/kitchen-diners /loft conversions – but for now, put the kettle on, and start thinking about what you want from your new extension, then give Apropos a call to see if we can help.

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