How to improve the value of your property with a glazed veranda or canopy.

Published on 2nd September 2014
Simple and stylish or elaborately ornate, glass verandas and glazed canopies can make an attractive and versatile addition to any home. Once considered little more than domestic dressing, the glazed veranda has really come into its own in recent years, taking on a variety of roles and styles to suit the requirements of the homeowner.

So, what could an Apropos glass canopy do for you?

Room to Breathe – Like everything else we do at Apropos, all of our glass canopies and Verandas are bespoke, meaning that designs are created to suit your particular home environment, allowing you to maximise available space by developing sheltered outdoor areas without infringing on your garden, or costing a fortune.

In Sunshine and in Showers – If you enjoy spending time outside, but are less of a fan of the Great British weather, a glazed canopy allows you to take in the fresh air without getting a soaking. If solar control glass is used, it can also help to protect you from the worst of the summer sun, making it an ideal play area for younger members of the family.

Indoors Out/Outdoors In – Made entirely from glass, with a sturdy, low-maintenance aluminium frame, Apropos glass verandas really do bring indoors and outdoors spaces together.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – With an open-ended garden veranda you can garner a full, panoramic view of your outdoor spaces, so you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

Hey, Good Looking – The Apropos bespoke design service means that unlike off-the-peg structures, your glass canopy or veranda will always enhance your property’s external aesthetics. The height will complement doors and windows, never blocking views, and the frame will work around existing features.

Versatility – Many people will commission a glazed veranda or canopy with one function in mind, then find themselves using it for something entirely different and previously unthought-of. This space that makes a fabulous place for summer entertaining, could double up as shelter for semi-tender plants in winter, a boot room in autumn, an improvised greenhouse in spring, or simply a spot to sit and watch the world go by on those quiet, contemplative days.

What can an Apropos glazed veranda or glass canopy do for you? All of the above, and more. Because if you can see the benefits, your future buyers will see them too; they will imagine sunbathing and lazing, entertaining or playing, planting, growing, and loving your/their Apropos home extension.

So why not get in touch with Apropos today to discuss your Glazed Veranda or Canopy? Call 0161 342 8206, or request your design consultation today.  

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