Long Lost Family: Reunite in an Apropos Extension.

Published on 12th August 2014
It can be a deeply emotional experience, fraught with angst, bitterness and blame, where soul-searching can lead to unexpected discoveries and, hopefully, an ultimate reconciliation; that moment when you happen upon your teenage son in the kitchen after three days of absence.

One of the great things about Britain is the huge variety of architecture on show. We have a wonderful, long history and it is exhibited in all of our domestic buildings; Victorian terraces; Georgian piles; 20th century town houses; Tudorbethan interpretations; characterful country cottages; haphazard farmhouses; über-modern eco-homes; while they all look wonderful (in their own unique ways), many are not compatible with contemporary family living.

As the nights grow darker what better place to reunite your family than an Apropos Home Hub?

In long and narrow, and tall and thin houses, and those with multiple entrances, it’s possible to live together and yet rarely encounter each other, without a concerted effort. When doors are closed to muffle music, suppress the sounds of secret phone calls, and prevent the discovery of illicit doings – God forbid that your parents should discover that you have anything as embarrassing as a real, actual girlfriend! – it’s no difficult thing to lose track of your children.

When your rooms are too small to comfortably accommodate different interests, multiple elbows, and emerging personalities, allowing the family to drift to different parts of the home can feel like an imperative. It’s not that you don’t want to spend time with your children, and if pushed, most kids would admit that it’s quite nice to spend some time with their parents, it’s just that practically, it’s not always possible. A glazed extension, or an interior rethink, could be the perfect solution.

Make the most of your home with an open plan layout. You might actually get to see your kids every now and again as well!

Apropos customers commission our structures for various reasons; they want to change the aspect of their home; they want to increase the natural light levels; they feel the need for additional, functional floor space; they’re looking to modernise a down-at-heel property; they want to increase the value of their house; whatever the reason for the initial construction, whether a conservatory, orangery-home-hub, or the installation of a series of glazed folding-sliding doors that create a feeling of interconnectedness within the home, there is almost always an unexpected consequence: the new build brings the family together.

While we’d like to put this phenomenon down to a sprinkling of Apropos magic, the reason is probably a little more earthly than that; simply put, the new, lighter, brighter, roomier rooms are a nice place to be! When you have more space to stretch, without tripping people over, when no one has to squash into a dull, uncomfortable corner, when you can chat to whoever is doing the cooking without getting in the way, family life feels so much more appealing.

So, when are you going to have your big family reunion? Call Apropos today on 0161 342 8206 to start making plans or order your brochure here.

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