In The Frame – Fun Facts You Never Knew About Aluminium.

Published on 15th August 2014
If you’re already an Apropos customer, or toying with the idea of becoming one, you’ll probably already know that we employ aluminium frames in all of our structures, from the tallest atrium to the smallest skylight. It’s super strong, it’s eco-friendly, it can be recycled endlessly and it’s incredibly malleable, making it uniquely useful in the glass architecture field.
So, that’s what you already know. Here are some fun facts that might not be so familiar, and could help you out on your next quiz night.
  1. Aluminium was first made in 1825 by the Danish scientist Hans Oersted.
  2. Aluminium’s density is only one-third that of steel, which is what makes is so very lightweight, and yet so very durable.
  3. Aluminium foil blocks light, oxygen and bacteria, which is why it is so widely used for packaging medicines and sealing cosmetics.
  4. Ancient Greeks and Romans used aluminium compounds as an astringent, for medicinal purposes, and to dye clothes.
  5. Aluminium conducts both heat and electricity almost as well as copper (which is why our frames are thermally broken!).
  6. When you recycle an aluminium can someone else could be using it within two months, and the energy you’ve saved by recycling that can could run a television for up to three hours.
  7. On the periodic table, aluminium’s symbol is AI. It has an Atomic Number of 13 and an Atomic weight of 26.981539.
  8. Aluminium is not easily soluble in water (we’ll admit this is something you probably knew already), which makes it resistant to weather, common atmospheric gases, and other liquids – providing an ideal frame for glass architecture!
  9. In the 1850s, aluminium was more valuable than gold.
  10. Aluminium is the third most common element in the Earth’s crust, making it the most abundantly available metal on Earth.
  11. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires consist mainly of crystalline aluminium compounds.
  12. Aluminium compounds are used in a huge number of unexpected everyday items, including paints, antacids and deodorants. The same compounds are also used as a catalyst in explosives.
  13. The boiling point of aluminium is 2,467°C
  14. Aluminium is so flexible that it is as widely used in the manufacture of paperclips as it is in conservatories.
  15. When fashioned into a hat aluminium foil stops the voices…
If you’d like a conservatory made from the stuff, and guaranteed to keep out the little green men, get in touch today via; 0161 342 8206 or by requesting a brochure here.
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